Where's Katy At The VMAs?

by Alice Walker

Listen, there was never any doubt that Taylor Swift would be the lady of the hour at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Not only was she nominated in every category that she could possibly qualify for, this also marks the premiere of the music video for new single "Wildest Dreams," which was absolutely amazing. She's just wrapped up an incredible tour that ended with her performing "Smelly Cat" with Lisa Kudrow, so yeah, this is the year of Taylor. That may have been the first warning sign that Katy Perry might skip the VMA awards, perhaps to avoid awkward interview questions and avoid Taylor-mania generally.

Since everyone knows Perry and Swift are feuding, it's really no wonder that so many people were asking if Katy Perry would appear at the VMAs — especially since Perry isn't nominated for anything. (Her last album was 2014's Prism.) Luckily, we didn't have to look too hard for her. She was front and center on the red carpet, posing away. Unfortunately, Perry did not attend the 2015 MTV VMAs. The singer was nowhere to be seen when the event started, highly unusual for someone who rarely misses a red carpet event.

It's too bad that Perry couldn't set aside her Swift feelings for the night, if that's really why she didn't attend. She always makes award shows so much more entertaining and her absence felt like a direct insult to Taylor Swift, regardless of if that was how she meant it.

We miss you, Katy!

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