Celebrate National Burger Day In Style With 9 Fashion Items Inspired By Your Favorite Food

Did you know that today is National Burger Day across the pond? May as well be International Hamburger Day, the way people are celebrating. At any rate, I have a hard time keeping track of all of the different "holidays" (I still find it confusing that there's a "National Lipstick Day" and a "Lips Appreciation Day"), but today seems like as good a day as any to generally make merry by celebrating all things hamburger.

I mean, you could always go on a burger crawl, scour the Internet for the highest-rated burger in your area, or just plain fire up the grill (I do have a new recipe I've been dying to try, after all)... but seeing as we're here to talk fashion and beauty, you can also pay your burger respects by dressing accordingly.

If you celebrated National Dog Day by doing a little online shopping (there's a surprising amount of chic dog-related clothes and accessories out there), why not pay homage to hamburgers in a similarly sartorially-inclined fashion? I mean, let's be honest: Does it get any better than burger-inspired style? I don't think so! If you're a burger fan (sorry, vegans and vegetarians), here are a few shopping pieces that'll add some charbroiled charm to your wardrobe:

To Stay Or To Go Friendship Cuff

To Stay Or To Go Friendship Cuff, $155, Venessa Arizaga

Hamburgers Baggy Beach Jumper

Hamburgers Baggy Beach Jumper, $98, Wildfox

Novelty Burger and Fries Watch

Novelty Burger and Fries Watch, $10.75, ASOS

Burgerman Crew Sweatshirt

Burgerman Crew Sweatshirt, $34, Threadless

House Of Holland Nails By Elegant Touch - Burger Bars

House Of Holland Nails By Elegant Touch - Burger Bars, $16.11, ASOS

Hamburgers Reversible Contrast String Top

Hamburgers Reversible Contrast String Top, $49, Wildfox

Chunky Jumper With Crochet Burger Motif

Chunky Jumper With Crochet Burger Motif, $68.08, ASOS

Snack Attack Nail Decals

Snack Attack Nail Decals, $7.99, Forever 21

Fast Food Pin Set

Venessa Arizaga Fast Food Pin Set, $95, Urban Outfitters

Images: Bob's Burgers/Fox; Courtesy Brands