If Disney Princesses Drank Cocktails...

by Marisa Ross

If there is one thing the Internet is good at, it's reimagining Disney princesses into a bunch of hypothetical scenarios, from what high school cliques they would fit into, to what they'd look like in different cultures, to what it would be like if they had moms (because isn't it weird that they never do?). Now, boozy blog Vinepair has touched on another aspect of these ladies' lives that, strangely, hasn't yet been considered: If Disney princesses drank alcohol, what would their favorite cocktails be? I'm not talking about the colorful martinis with whimsical names you've had at themed parties that simply look like the princesses. I mean, if Disney princesses were real and headed to a bar right now, what actual concoction would they ask the bartender to whip up? (You better believe no Disney princess would order something so basic as a vodka soda.)

Forget the fact that these animated characters are supposed to be teenagers in real life. If they were of age (because drinking legally is obviously a more princess-like thing to do), I bet these ladies would be sipping on these likened liquors. Check out four of the princesses' alcoholic preferences below, along with links to recipes for these drinks so that you can enjoy them, too. Hey, it's good to feel like a princess.

1. Ariel

If you just lost your ability to sing because you were fooled by a sea witch, and then got your heart broken while still living with your overbearing father, you would probably need a drink, too. Craving an oyster shooter just like Ariel? Food Republic gives instructions for four variations of this sea-inspired sip with a Bloody Mary kick.

2. Snow White

Any girl who lives with a group of seven guys can probably down a whole round of shots, and still live to tell the tale. Even if Snow White has a history of making some toxic decisions with sketchy characters, girlfriend knows how to have a good time. Want in on this party? Try out these seven shots, and you might start talking to animals, too.

3. Belle

This princess may hail from the French countryside, but don't let her fool you — this beauty can hold her liquor like a beast. Want to drink like brainy Belle? Stock up on moonshine. Bonus points if it's apple pie moonshine, like this version.

4. Elsa

If you have the right touch, you could make a vodka snow cone just like Elsa, who would definitely enjoy this frozen delight. Just make sure you don't overdo it. Unlike us mere mortals, this Disney darling isn't as susceptible to getting brain freeze... or heart freeze... or drunk.

To see what other Disney princesses might drink, head on over to Vinepair.

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Images: Vinepair