Meg From 'Big Brother 17' Gets Hit In The Face A Lot & Fans Can't Get Enough Of It — PHOTOS

Let's take a minute to forget about all the competitions, drama, lies, and manipulation happening on Big Brother 17. I know that might be difficult, especially since that's what the CBS reality show is all about, but there are also a lot of fun moments that need to be discussed. For example, all those times Big Brother 17 houseguest Meg got hit in the face.

Have you ever noticed she makes the perfect target? All kinds of objects are thrown at her face or it becomes collateral damage during a comp. For real, she can't escape it, but hey it is Big Brother, and being a target is the name of the game. I have to give props to Meg, because she never gets angry and just laughs it off. She has a great attitude and positivity is a great quality to possess.

And it's a good thing she's so easygoing, because BB17 fans love to laugh at her. If you scroll through Twitter, there are all kinds of tweets poking fun at Meg getting hit in the face. I mean, who hasn't laughed at someone tripping, falling down the stairs, or something else that happens by accident? I bet you've done it. I sure have.

With that said, let's take a moment to look at all those times Meg has gotten smacked in the face — but totally brushed it off! — and the fans who loved watching.

Pain By Chocolate Bar

Ouch. That looked like it hurt, but as you can see below, some viewers wanted more.

The Mean OTEV

Remember that time Meg slammed her face during the OTEV Power of Veto competition? It looked painful, but it didn't stop fans from laughing.

Beach Ball Bully

Johnny Mac jokingly threw a beach ball at Meg and it hit her square in the face. Yes, it, too, received a lot of positive feedback.

Pillow Fight Struggle

Of course, this face smack was playful and still funny. So much so, that fans who really want James and Meg to date, so it has a special moment for them.

Meg, thank you for providing us all kinds of entertainment — and especially for being a good sport.

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Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS