A Jury Member Has Returned To 'Big Brother 17'

The Big Brother buy back is important. Why? Because it's a opportunity for a jury member to rejoin the house with a vengeance — with the desire to seek out he who had a hand in their own eviction. To avenge their untimely meeting of the gate keeper on Big Brother, none other than Julie Chen. So when Johnny Mac rejoined the Big Brother 17 house before he could really even get to jury, it only meant one thing. There will be blood.

Who, of the four jury members, was actually going to gain the right to regain the house was a total toss-up. I don't care if you hated Becky like Steve and trains hated Becky, she was a competition beast. I don't care if you loathed Shelli for getting to spend a couple months with Clay, she is damn smart. I don't care if you hate the dentist, because Johnny Mac knows how to win a competition. And Jackie? Well, she might not have won a lot of competitions during her time in the house, but she is a good game player — once she lost all that dead weight (Jeff) in Week 3. So needless to say, all of those competing to reenter the game were worthy of actually rejoining the game.

But it was Johnny Mac who actually did earn the ~honor~ to share a house with Austin and his chewed gum hair, and aren't they lucky? Actually, this "new" addition to the house could really shake things up.

He didn't have much time to get comfy outside the Big Brother house, and now that John was just evicted and returning to the game, you can bet he will be out for blood. Unfortunately, Johnny Mac didn't win HOH, so he doesn't have power — yet. However, if he can manage to survive nominations (per Vanessa's hand? OK, probably not), he might have a chance to avenge his eviction.

The only thing that's great about John coming back in is that he just left, and that's going to be super awkward for the other houseguests (I'm looking at you Austin, Vanessa, Liz, and Julia).

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS