9 Signs You Might Be An Ambivert

BuzzFeed just put out a video detailing the signs you might be an ambivert, and it speaks to my poor, confused, semi-introverted, semi-extroverted soul. I've taken a few Myers-Briggs personality tests, because let's face it, it's 2015 and that's what happens when you write on the internet. I'm always a little disappointed because the internet cannot decide whether I'm an extrovert or an introvert. I'm always 51 percent one way, and 49 percent the other way. Cue the existential crisis much?

Everyone has their own litmus test, but I've always been told being an introvert or an extrovert is about where you get your energy from. Personally, I need to recharge by being completely alone. If I were a battery (CC: Scarlett Johanssen and the cast of Her), Netflix, or a good book, or cooking by myself would be what recharged me. However, I also feel at home in a large group of people. I can make conversation with strangers, and I will almost always say "yes" to the prospect of going out and doing something, rather than staying home. (And then I come home and complain that people are exhausting.)

Anyway, if you walk the line between introverted and extroverted, you'll relate to this video the way all sad people relate to Lana Del Rey. (JK LUV U, LANA.) Here are nine signs you might be an ambivert:

1. You're Okay With Meeting New People, But Would Be More Than Fine Without It

You'd rather just be with your people.

2. You Love Going Out, But Are Not At All Sad To Go Home

Home Is Where The Netflix Is.

3. You Can Deal With Small Talk, But Would Rather Skip It

Listen to Cinna and just, shhhhhh.

4. You Like Having The Weekends To Yourself

Having no people around is a riotously good time.

5. But Too Much Time Alone Makes You Hella Antsy

Because much like Ariel, you want to be where the people are.

6. You're A Good Listener

In that you don't constantly interrupt your friend's stories to relate things back to yourself.

7. But Aren't Shy About Telling Stories

And you can hold people's attention without getting shy in the spotlight.

8. Overall, You Just Need Balance

Because you can't do too much alone time, or too much people time.

9. And You Need Time To Unwind

And get in whatever R&R kicks you so desperately need.

Watch The Full Video And Self-Diagnose Yourself As An Ambivert, Because Honestly, It's A Good Time:

See? Didn't that feel good?

Images: Giphy (5), YouTube