When Is Adele’s New Album Coming Out? Mark Your Calendars For “Very Soon”

At last, the news we've all been waiting for: Adele's new album is coming, and soon — like, according to Billboard, it's reportedly coming as soon as November. The British singer-songwriter will follow up on 2011's 21, and, as Ed Sheeran told Capital FM, "Apparently, it’s really good." (Sheeran noted that he hasn't heard it himself, but has heard reports from those who worked on it.) Much like She & Him's Volume One and Volume Two, and 19 before 21, Adele's latest may be sequentially entitled 25 , though the title has yet to be confirmed, NME reported.

Her third and much-anticipated album will feature a number of big-name collaborators. Earlier this year, Pharrell reported that he had contributed to the record; now, Billboard says additional credits include Ryan Tedder, Danger Mouse, and Tobias Jesso, Jr. It will mark a departure for the singer-songwriter, whose material is notoriously autobiographical. Her style evolved between 19 and 21, so it's likely that these new contributors will accompany further maturation in Adele's music. Adele herself has remained relatively quiet about her new material, and news about the album has primarily come from producers and the artists around her. Just under three months from the slated November release, little has been publicized about the material, but here's a rundown of the incredible collaborators she's rounded up for the effort.

Tobias Jesso, Jr.

Robin Marchant/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Canadian singer-songwriter's debut, which was produced by members of the Black Keys and New Pornographers, has earned comparisons to Nick Drake. According to Billboard, Jesso wrote a song for Adele's latest, and it's supposed to be pretty amazing.



The man behind "Happy" has been working with Adele in what he reported as 20-to-32 minute intervals. "She gives it to you and closes it up and disappears, and she’s off with her beautiful boy," he explained. (Adele has a two-year-old son, Angelo.) But he also described Adele as an artist to watch: “She is a masterful writer," he told Ryan Seacrest, according to the Mirror. "You listen to her albums and the intention is living and breathes.”

Max Martin

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According to Billboard, the Swedish producer and songwriter has contributed a song to the album. He has co-written some of the most recognizable (and danceable) tunes of the last two decades — including Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" — which will make an intriguing contrast against Adele's blues, jazz, and folk-tinged tendencies.

Ryan Tedder

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The OneRepublic front man and celebrated producer recently appeared on Taylor Swift's 1989 tour, and he'll be back supporting Adele for 25. Tedder also co-wrote and produced "Rumor Has It," off 21.

Danger Mouse

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One half of Gnarls Barkley along with CeeLo Green, producer of the Black Keys and the Gorillaz, solo artist, partner of Shins frontman James Mercer on Broken Bells, Danger Mouse has a finger in pretty much every aspect of music output. It's only logical that he'll also put in some work for Adele, too, right? Esquire recently named him one of its most influential people of the 21st century, and he's living up to his reputation.

Emile Haynie

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Like Tedder and Danger Mouse, Emile Haynie is a producer to the stars — he has worked with Lana Del Rey (Born To Die), Kanye West ("Runaway"), and Eminem (Runaway, for which he won a Grammy). His solo album We Fall resembles a Rolodex of his production partners. Though it's not clear whether he will work with Adele on the final cut of her album, NME reported earlier this year that he had met with the singer to discuss a partnership on the new album.

If the variety in her songwriting and producing partners is any indicator, the new Adele album will be quite an event. Her silence about the work has only increased its intrigue, and it will surely emerge with fireworks when it arrives.