Did Jade Move To Kansas City With Tanner After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Her Periscope Spoiler Might Give Away The Ending

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Not another social media spoiler, do we? How — I ask — how hard is it to keep your secrets far away from social media? Apparently very hard, since this is the second time (in months) that a social media post might spoil the ending to a Bachelor franchise show. This time, Jade Roper allegedly posted she was in Kansas City via Periscope (the live-streaming video app). Why is this significant, you ask? Well, her love interest coincidentally lives in the very same town, that's why! So did Jade move to Kansas City for Tanner after Bachelor in Paradise , or is this "spoiler" being completely blown out of proportion?

Regardless of the actual answer to that question, we need to remember that Kaitlyn Bristowe had a Snapchat spoiler last season, and despite many skeptics, it was in fact a spoiler — she picked the guy she was with in the Snapchat. So we can't just ignore this, you guys! We will not be played the fool. Not again.

So what did this Bachelor in Paradise "spoiler" actually consist of? According to E! Online:

... [Jade] did accidentally allow Periscope to display the fact that instead of being at home in Los Angeles, Jade was hanging out in Kansas City, aka Tanner's hometown!

I wasn't sure what "display" means, since Periscope is a live-streaming feed, and I didn't catch it ~live~. Maybe Jade was standing by the "Welcome to Kansas City!" sign, or maybe there was a large monument that Kansas City is known for in the background. But my confusion was quickly squashed by Reality Steve. According to a source that emailed him with the information, Jade started her Periscope stream with her "location" turned on. It allowed those watching her stream to see that she was in Kansas City (Reality Steve has screenshots). This is why my dad insists I don't have my "location services" turned on. For these reasons, JADE.

Jade seems to have been alerted immediately of the location share, so she hung-up and logged back on noting "technical difficulties." Mmhhmm.

Since she might have had a loose finger on that "share" button before, I think it's worth examining her social media posts for any clues to Kansas City living, right?

The "Nashville" Picture

We know what you're doing, Jade. Don't try to distract us with this "Nashville" photo. For all we know, "Nashville" refers to the Instagram filter.

This Dog Could Be Sleeping Anywhere

Seriously, this dog could be in Kansas City as we speak.

Maybe This Coffee Shop Is A Chain?

OK, so this coffee shop that she Instagrammed is located in Los Angeles (and this was only three weeks ago). So, maybe she hasn't officially moved to Kansas City, but that doesn't mean she's not visiting. We probably won't know the real answer until the finale of Bachelor in Paradise, but like Kaitlyn's Snapchat snafu, Jade's social media spoiler looks promising for the true romantics out there!

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC