Jade + Tanner = True Love

Bachelor in Paradise has found their standout couple: Jade and Tanner are basically in love. I always liked Jade from Chris’ season of The Bachelor, and Tanner was one of the dark horses on Kaitlyn’s season of The Bachelorette. Together, they seem to be the unstoppable powerhouse of Bachelor In Paradise. Unfortunately, being in Paradise with 12 other people, Jade and Tanner don’t get a lot of alone time with each other. Lucky for them, Jade and Tanner got a great overnight one-on-one date this week, flying in a private plane to Guadalajara and then driving to Tequila, Mexico, which is, as you guessed it, one of the places where they make tequila! After a fancy date like that, it makes me wonder are Jade and Tanner still dating? [UPDATE: Tanner and Jade got engaged on the BiP finale and are still dating as of Sep. 7.]

As their one-on-one date continued on, they smashed some agave plants, sat in a gazebo, and opted to continue their date into the evening. Now, we all know what that language means in Bachelor Nation — However, Jade and Tanner didn’t start with bolstering the physical part of their relationship. In one of the most real conversations that I’ve ever seen on The Bachelor/ette or Bachelor In Paradise, Tanner sat Jade down and told her that he was really falling for her, but he was scared of their lives outside of The Bachelor/ette not working out and ruining him in the process. Tanner is totally afraid of getting his heart broken, and for him to stick his neck out and confess his feelings was totally great.

Jade didn’t say much while Tanner was giving his speech, but, luckily for Tanner (and me, because I was holding my breath the whole time), Jade echoed Tanner’s sentiments, saying that she, too, was falling for him. Tanner asked Jade if she would officially be his girlfriend (it was very sixth grade), she obliged, and then the cameras artfully panned away.

Ooh, I love this couple! I really think that Tanner and Jade are in it for the long haul, y’all. I really think he’ll propose at the end of this. Their communication is so on point, and we really haven’t seen any of the other long term couples on Bachelor In Paradise this season speak like this to each other. Tanner and Jade are Bachelor In Paradise 2’s OTP, you guys, and I can’t wait to see where they end up. But, if their many Instagram pics of each other are any indication, I'd say they're in it for the long haul.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell