Beyonce & Anne Hathaway Walk into a Vegan Restaurant and Then... Magic Happens

So Beyonce and Anne Hathaway walk into a vegan restaurant and the waiter says, "At least it's not seitan!" Just kidding! This isn't a horrible joke, this is serious. Beyonce and Anne Hathaway really did go to the same Los Angeles vegan restaurant, at the same time, and they even spoke to each other. You know those magazine articles that are all "Celebrities! They're just like us!" Well, maybe those are true sometimes — I use handbags, too — but a lot of time they really aren't. Case in point, this very scenario. I mean, when was the last time you were an Oscar winning actress who ran into one of the best singers in the history of ever at a vegan restaurant? Exactly.

Beyonce recently became vegan as part of a 22-day experiment with her husband, Jay Z, which explains why she was eating at Cafe Gratitude and Anne Hathaway... she just wanted to eat, okay? Not everyone has to be part of a "spiritual and physical challenge." Anyway, during their meals they realized that they were in the presence of another one of their kind and paid their respects. Or should I say, expressed their gratitude. Seriously, it is way too fitting that the restaurant is called Cafe Gratitude. Was this planned?

According to a witness, Hathaway told Beyonce, "I love your music" and Beyonce responded, "And your movies make me cry!"

Kena Betancur/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To Anne Hathaway, I just have one thing to say, duh! Everyone loves Beyonce's music. Everyone just loves Beyonce, period, and that's why the entire world is loosing their collective poop over her new album release.

As for Beyonce's compliment, I have to applaud her. This compliment is creative. She's isn't just saying, I love your acting, she's saying, your acting is so fantastic it moves me to tears. Or maybe it was a really an insult and Beyonce's still upset over the $12 she wasted seeing Bride Wars.

Regardless of how much gratitude they may have shown each other, we'll probably never hear about these two together again. Beyonce already has a health food obsessed friend who people love to hate named Gwyneth Paltrow. She doesn't need two. As for Cafe Gratitude, it should totally become the go-to place for celebrity compliment exchanging. Next week, I wanna hear about Al Pacino congratulating Rob Kardashian on his sock line and Brangelina's children telling Taylor Swift they love her music. The possibilities are endless.