The 9 Darkest Lyrics From Death Cab For Cutie's 'Plans' On Its 10th Anniversary

When Death Cab For Cutie's breakthrough album Plans was released it was the summer before my freshmen year of college. It was just as my emo phase was beginning to putter out. I started figuring out that a positive attitude goes a lot further than a moody one and there's more to life than black concert t-shirts. Then, Plans made its way into my CD player and I found myself once again wallowing and wishing in Plans' sleepy, romantic, and oh so very dark lyrics. It's been 10 years since Plans was released and it still stands as one of the finest albums to come out of emo/pop punk trend of the late '90s and early '00s.

The album begins with momentum: a sweet, transitive "Marching Bands of Manhattan" and keeps the pulse going with "Soul Meets Body." As Plans progresses, the songs go into deeper shades of blue. It's hard to hear the first few chords of "Summer Skin" without an aching wave of nostalgia washing over me. Then from there, the album continues to rip my heart in two — I'm reminded of how insecure and angsty I was at 18 and how deeply I felt the desire for love and poetry. Death Cab For Cutie delivered it all to my delicate emo heart. It's okay guys, I turned out just fine!

Want a taste of what my melted my heart and the hearts of my manic panic dyed hair bretheren? Check out the darkest lyrics from Plans.

1. "Sorrow Drips Into Your Heart Through A Pinhole"

I burn. I pine. I perish.

2. "But If The Silence Takes You, Then I Hope It Takes Me Too"


I'm really getting the "Death" in Death Cab for Cutie here.

3. "The Coast Disappeared When The Sea Drowned The Sun"


Ben Gibbard made me bummed out about sunset on the ocean, you guys.

4. "I'll Follow You Into The Dark"

In and out of context, this lyric is absolutely chilling.

5. "I Held My Tongue As She Told Me,'Son, Fear Is The Heart Of Love.'"


This lyric has always made me feel so gloomy and that life is all MEANINGLESS.

6. "Burn It Down Till The Embers Smoke On The Ground"

This is definitely Death Cab's most metal moment.

7. "Each Broken Heart Will Eventually Mend As The Blood Runs Red Down The Needle And Thread"


8. "You're So Cute When You're Slurring Your Speech"


I don't care how sensitive Ben Gibbard is as a songwriter, that lyric just reeks of GTFO.

9. "Love Is Watching Someone Die, So Who's Going To Watch You Die?"

Even my 18 year old bleeding heart was like, "Too much Gibbard, take it down a few notches," with this one.

Well, now that I've sufficiently bummed myself out, I'm going to go find a depressing foreign documentary on Netflix to keep this black hole going.

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