5 Badass Feminist Moments Caught On Live TV That'll Make You Wish You Were This Good At Comebacks

The 24-hour news cycle has its downsides, but sometimes it can provide some wonderful entertainment — including some badass feminist moments caught on live news. While I count the Fox News llama chase as one of my favorite live news events, finding beautiful moments of feminist empowerment on your local news is absolutely delightful. These off-the-cuff moments are wonderful; they're entertaining, refreshing, and often extremely funny as we watch women absolutely destroy their opposition.

It's sad that seeing women (or men) defend equality and shut down sexism on live TV is so thrilling. But part of it comes from the fact that it's organic — it's not planned, or scripted, and is instead a natural reaction to chauvinism. It makes me wish that I had such wonderful comebacks or the confidence to react so decisively and eloquently when put into an awkward situation.

Below are several clips of women holding their own as they shut down demeaning comments, all while embodying the true spirit of feminism. You know the saying "show, don't tell?" Well, that's exactly what these women are doing. On live television, to boot.

When Rima Karaki Flawlessly Shut Down Her Interview

Rima Karaki, a Lebansese journalist, won feminist of the year award when she shut down a tirade by Hani Al-Seba'i, a Sunni scholar. When Al-Seba'i went off topic, Karaki tried to nudge him back toward the point — at which point he exploded and told her to shut up. Karaki was having absolutely none of that, cut his feed, and said, "Either there is mutual respect or the conversation is over."

When Megyn Kelly Patiently Told Bill O'Reilly That He Was Being Rude

Oh, Megyn Kelly, attempting to explain to O'Reilly why calling her an "anchorette" is disrespectful and why telling a woman to calm down is sexist. I wouldn't have that patience.

When Laverne Cox Eloquently Handled Countless Transgender Questions

I can't fathom how difficult it must be to have to constantly explain what you are, and open yourself up to constantly probing questions. But Laverne Cox handles it flawlessly, with such grace and patience, especially when Wendy Williams decides to ask about her breasts. Like you do.

When Two Women Panelists Completely Shut Down Bill O'Relly's Sexist Question

I guess O'Reilly thought that women were going to fall all over themselves to agree when he asked them, "There has got to be some downside to having a woman president, right?" Instead both panelists kind of looked on in horror. "Uh... no?" they responded. The whole video clip is long, but the woman on the right's facial expressions throughout the whole video make up for it.

When Jennifer Livingston Promoted Body Positivity

Local news reporter Jennifer Livingston took time during her morning broadcast to talk about a letter she had received calling her fat and body shaming her. Instead of letting it get to her, she spoke out in a truly beautiful and inspiring speech that took on body positivity and anti-bullying.

While it's fun to watch people interrupting reporters or falling over on TV, these tiny moments of shining feminism and female empowerment are so much better for the soul. These women are truly inspiring, and I will forever live in envy of Karaki's flawless hand gestures.

Image: The Wendy Williams Show