J. Law & Amy Schumer Make Better Use Of A Piano

The more days go by, the more convinced I am that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer's friendship is the greatest thing that could have ever happened to the world. But, before I get to the fact that Lawrence and Schumer danced on Billy Joel's piano — yes, really — let me again remind everyone that this holy union will soon result in a movie. As we all found out from the New York Times, Lawrence and Schumer are writing a screenplay together for a comedy in which they will portray sisters, which means Lawrence will take a break from all her dramatic, Oscar-bound roles in order to make us laugh as hard on screen as she does in real life. Do you believe their friendship is the greatest thing that could have ever happened to the world yet? How about if I return us to the fact that they danced on Billy Joel's piano at his concert in Chicago on Thursday?

The magical moment was recorded for all of the world to enjoy by Inside Amy Schumer writer Kyle Dunnigan, who posted a video to his Instagram of Schumer climbing atop the piano before being joined by Lawrence, who, for some reason, decided to make out with Schumer's foot a little first. Hey, I'm not here to question their bizarre friendship. I am mostly here to enjoy it, and wish that my friendships were equally exciting. Or, rather, that my friends equally involves Schumer or Lawrence or, preferably, both.

But the dancing didn't stop there. Oh, sure, we got another video of the pair shimmying and doing the twist on the piano as Joel cheerfully sang "Uptown Girl" with what I'm sure was great amusement no matter how many rehearsals they'd practiced this in. But Schumer's sister, Kim Caramele, also used Instagram to share a video of Lawrence, Schumer, and their entire squad doing the can-can. I repeat, Schumer and Lawrence were leading a group of people in doing the can-can to "Uptown Girl" during Billy Joel's Chicago concert. Do I really need to sit here and explain why that is literally the most amazing thing in the world?

If there is one thing that these videos prove, as if we didn't already know, it's that Schumer and Lawrence's comedy film is going to be the most hilarious thing to hit the big screen since the last thing Tina Fey and Amy Poehler worked on together. These women not only understand comedy, but they are also confident in themselves and their actions, and certainly not afraid to laugh at themselves and entertain other people. The fearlessness they display in these videos will translate well to the screen and, if Lawrence making out with Schumer's foot is any indication, they are already incredibly close and brimming with familial chemistry.

Basically, if you were dubious that the two could produce a good film out of their friendship, then these videos should instantly prove you wrong. Check out the rest of them below.