Woman Recreates 6 Taylor Swift Looks In 1 Minute, The Results Are Gorgeous — VIDEO

It's hard not to fall in love with T. Swift's always-changing red carpet looks. With looks ranging from sweet as a daydream to fierce as a nightmare, she's got a style resumé that is even longer than infamous "long list of ex-lovers." One woman recreated six of Taylor Swift's red carpet looks in one minute to show just how versatile the singer's hair and makeup is, and it's clear from this clip that she never goes out of style.

In just one minute, the beauty team at MIMIchatter shows how to achieve six of Swift's most iconic hair and beauty looks. From bangs and a smokey eye to pin straight with a red lip, the video shows the evolution of the star's hair and beauty picks. Surprisingly, the video only uses two different hair tools to achieve the six hairstyles, showing how easy it is to transform into any version of Swift with one quick twirl of a curling iron.

The evolution of the her lipstick also happens right in front of your eyes as the star goes from a soft glossy lip to a striking red. Of course, the video wouldn't be complete without showing that smokey eye as well. If this doesn't get you excited to see her upcoming VMAs appearance, then I don't know what will.

1. Tight Curls, 2006

Before the classic red lip was her signature, Swift was known for her tightly curls locks. She added a ton of sparkle to her eyes and hit the red carpet with a sultry confidence.

2. Side-Swept Locks, 2008

Just pull the curls to the side and add a headband to get this princess-y hairstyle. With a sparkly eye and a subtle lip, the star was still in the early stages of her beauty transformation when she rocked this look.

3. Straight And Sleek, 2010

Still no sign of the red lip, but she showed that she was a force to be reckoned with when she stepped onto the red carpet with pin straight hair and a cat-eye.

4. Bold With Bangs, 2012

Everyone goes through an awkward bang stage, but Swift nailed the soft curled look. In the blink of an eye, she transitioned into the woman we know today with the bright red lips and the rosy cheeks.

5. Finger-Waved Up-do, 2013

Adding an up-do to her list of fabulous hairstyles, the star hit the red carpet with a sassy coiff that paired perfectly with fierce makeup.

6. Loosely Curled Bob, 2014

The video ended with Swift's loose curls and short bob. With bright blue eyeliner and a red lip, it's neat to see how the star's beauty look has changed over time.

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Images: MIMIchatter/YouTube