How To Get Taylor Swift's Perfect Red Lip

by Miki Hayes

It's not exactly breaking news that Taylor Swift loves a red lip. She's constantly photographed rocking a red pout, and she's even divulged she feels more confident when doing so. And why wouldn't she? Her red lips are always perfectly crisp and never faded. On top of it all, red lips seem to have replaced old flames as a topic of interest on her newest album. But Swift is definitely on to something. A red lip can pull together any look and make the wearer look instantly polished. And just in case you were wondering, some of Tswift's favorite reds are: NARS's Dragon Girl, CoverGirl's Flame, and Make Up For Ever's Iconic Red. But while these are perfect for this princess of pop, how do you find the perfect, long-lasting red for you?

First things first, you need to know your undertone. Every lipstick has an undertone, just like your skin, and the two should be similar. If you're warmer toned, look for a red with yellow or orange undertones. If you're cooler toned, look for a red with blue undertones. Secondly, make sure to pick a lipstick with a matte formula if you want it to last through an entire night of intense karaoke. A matte lippy will last much longer than a cream or shine formula. Once you have your perfect red picked out, here's how to make it last.

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliate your lips first so they will retain more moisture and color from the following steps.

2. Moisturize/Prime

Ensure your lips stay hydrated under that red by applying a balm or lip primer first. Just make sure to blot before moving on to the next step so any oil that might break down product is removed.

3. Lipliner

Completely line and fill in lips with a liner. This will ensure that your lipstick doesn't bleed, and if it fades, there will still be opaque color underneath.

4. Lipstick, Blot, Repeat

If you can, fill in lips with a brush — this helps get color everywhere evenly. After you've applied one layer, blot lips with a tissue (this helps press and set the color into the lips) before applying a second layer of lipstick.

5. Conceal and Set

Go around the edges of your lips with concealer on a precise brush to get the crispest edge possible. Set everything by holding a single ply of tissue over your lips and dusting on a translucent powder.

Et voilà: red lips to give Swift's a run for their money.

Images: Miki Hayes (5)