Kylie Jenner's Latest Insta Looks Super Different

The only constant is change with celeb hair and makeup, given the products and sizable glam squads at their disposal. Then there's all that disposable income. Of course the "changing celeb looks" trend applies to Kylie Jenner, whose eyes look unrecognizable in her latest Instagram pic. It has nada to do with her much-discussed lips or extensions-enhanced hair.

Jenner sometimes wears colored contacts, lightening her eyes and therefore totally changing her look. Hey, at least she isn't having a surgical eye lightening procedure, right?!

Brown-eyed girls can experiment with lighter eyes thanks to contacts. In Jenner's case, it totally transforms her face. I thought she was a bit unrecognizable because of it, too! I don't fault her, since she is young, she has plenty cash to play with, and therefore has fun with her looks.

But as a fellow brown-eyed girl who wears contacts for vision correction, I never, ever ask my eye doctor for a pair of colored contacts.

Sure, violet eyes would be super fun to experiment with, especially when paired against my dark hair. But I don't alter the color of my peepers.

That's okay, though, since Kylie does it enough for both of us!

The younger Jenner Sister totally shape shifts with light contacts. I seriously asked myself, "Is that her or a friend? Is she trolling us?"

The youngest Kardashian sister was a gray-eyed beauty.

Here are five other times Kylie Jenner was (eye) ballin' and lightened her eyes with contacts.

1. Gray Day

She goes gray here, as well. It might seem small but it makes her look way different.

2. Even Kardashians Get The Blues

It's not only her hair that's been blue...

3. Exotic Creature

The black hair x blue eyes combo is always so otherworldly, even more so with those spider-y lashes.

4. Who's That Girl?

Who's that girl? Is that Jenner with gray eyes? Mmm hmm.

5. Behind These Hazel Eyes

Anyone else singing the Kelly Clarkson song? This hazel eye hue is closer to her natural brown, but it's still much lighter!

Sure, it's fun to play and make temporary changes to one's looks. I personally prefer to transform my eyes with makeup. Liquid liner can be simple but artistic, while a smoky eye is more mysterious and sexy. White eyeliner on the inner waterline can also make eyes appear more open and not as dark. Eye makeup lets you get creative.

Even if it's not my cup of tea, you can't deny that Jenner looks cool rocking her colored contacts!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (5); Giphy (1)