Watch This Car Chase End With An Epic Dance Party On The Side Of The Road — VIDEO

Stealing cars, driving recklessly, and trying to outrun police are all very bad, dangerous, no good things to do. But is it bad that I can’t help feeling a little love for this woman who danced during a high-speed chase with the police? Apparently, the suspected car thief just couldn’t resist the lure of the music, and had to dance it out before being taken into custody.

On Wednesday night, the woman in question led the police on a dangerous car chase through downtown Los Angeles, running through red lights and weaving among other vehicles, according to ABC7. Footage of the pursuit from the news station shows the chase taking an unexpected turn when the suspect gets out of the car and begins to dance in the street. Her inspiration? Future’s “Where Ya At,” featuring Drake. Eventually she gets back into the car, where she continues to move to the music. Shortly after the video cuts ends, police pulled the suspect from the car and took her into custody. Perhaps unsurprisingly, ABC7 reports that she “is believed to have been under the influence.”

Here we can see that at some point along the way she blew a tire. Presumably she decided to go out in a blaze of (dancing) glory?

Watch the whole incident:

Images: ABC7/Twitter (2)