Paul Rudd's 'Hudson Valley Ballers' Reminds Us of '30 Rock' & We Want to Go to There

Hear ye hear ye! Above Average Entertainment, the YouTube channel and comedic weblings responsible for such viral hits as Seven Minutes in Heaven , “Sugarboy,” and “The Morning After” has a brand new web series on the way that’s every comedy nerd’s super dream. Behold Hudson Valley Ballers — a bizarre look into the world of two Saturday Night Live writers who open up a Bed N’ Brunch in, you guessed it, Hudson Valley, New York. And just in case the plethora of antique shops and Thomas Kinkade-esque landscapes weren’t enough to draw you in, the series stars Paul Rudd, Kate McKinnon, Paula Pell and James Anderson.

The folks with Above Average are also behind a few little projects like Saturday Night Live, Portlandia, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and, yep, 30 Rock. In fact, the whole premise of “Hudson Valley Ballers” reminds us a bit of the wonderful world of Liz Lemon — except we’ve taken similarly colorful characters and put them out in the country. Hilarity, I’m sure will ensue. And, if you’re like me, there’s been an EGOT-sized hole in your life since the departure of Liz, Jack, Jenna, Tracey, Kenneth, and co. It looks like Hudson Valley Ballers might be just what the doctor ordered to get you through a world without TGS. To quote Liz Lemon, "I want to go to there." Here's how:

It’s cheekily Meta

There was no doubt that Tina Fey was ripping right from the life and times of Saturday Night Live when she wrote 30 Rock— and, well Hudson Valley Ballers is a direct story about SNL writers. So there you have it.


There was ne’er a character on television who so clearly depicted how deeply our feelings for food run. Hudson Valley Ballers takes place at a Bed N' Brunch. This can only be good for us.

There is no will-they-won’t-they

30 Rock did a brilliant job of forever plucking out the “Jack and Liz” romance. Not that there ever really was one. Regardless, it’s always refreshing to have storylines that show men and women can be friends and colleagues without any sort of sexual chemistry. Because y’ know, human beings. Accordingly, Hudson Valley Ballers is about two writers who run a business together and happen to be a man and a woman. With no romance.

Self-Aware Insanity

No one is trying to fly their freak flags low in either of these shows.

And the people we wish we could run away with to a romantic Bed N’ Brunch

Oh handless Hamm, Perfect Paul, and Kitzchy Kate. Swoon.

Here's your first peek into Hudson Valley Ballers:

Above Average on YouTube

Images: Hudson Valley Ballers/ Abover Average and Iamonthemoon/ Theninabird/Badbitchdan/Cheia/Theimprovunicorn/Tumblr