Taylor Swift's Prom Outfit Vs. A Normal Human High School Senior's Prom Outfit

This singer may be known for her amazing style and fierce hair today, but Taylor Swift's prom pictures show that even the biggest fashion icons had to start somewhere. Like most of us, the star's current aesthetic is far different from what she rocked during her high school years, but it's nice to see that she's got the same fun-loving personality. I'm personally excited to take a look back at Swift's prom look because, for once, I might actually have a celebrity beat with my at-home style!

Before Swift was the fashion icon she is today, she took an all-white fairytale-esque approach to prom dressing. Since her earliest songs are all about white dresses and dreamy boys, it's clear to see where the inspiration came from. She kept it plain and simple with a white structured prom dress that looked a lot like a modern day wedding dress, and pulled her hair back and out of her face. With chunky, faux-diamond jewelry, Swift's accessories weren't that far off from what many teens wear on prom night.

This outfit actually isn't much different than the one she wore for her first red carpet event. For prom, the pop star rocked a glossy pink lip, rosy cheeks, and long lashes during. We both kept it simple when it came to the styling, but — dare I say? — I think my outfit might actually win this sartorial battle.

The Dress: Swift's Version

Swift went for a white prom dress that was simple and sweet. It doesn't surprise me one bit that she choose to keep it minimalist.

The Dress: My Version

I went in the complete opposite direction with a whole lot of color for my senior prom dress. Like the star, I choose to keep it sleek when it came to the fit.

The Makeup: Swift's Version

Even during her high school days, Swift had a certain glow to her. There's no sign of her signature red-lip. Instead, she opted for a pink, glossy lip and rosy cheek instead.

The Makeup: My Version

I was absolutely terrible at makeup in high school, so I let a friend experiment with a smokey-ish eye and glossy lip. Clearly I didn't have the makeup skills (or tan) that Swift did.

The Hair: Swift's Version

That cool-girl wispy up 'do thing is so early '00s. She pulled her hair back in a curled ponytail for her formal night out.

The Hair: My Version

Braids were my go-to back in the day, so I wore a braided crown. I curled the rest for a not-so-complicated down 'do.

Call it how you see it, but I'm going to go ahead and award myself the win this time! Swift did put up a good fight though.

Images: Kali Borovic