Where To Shop Taylor's Kitty Accessories

Look, it's no secret that Taylor Swift loves cats, specifically her cats Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. Maybe it's T.Swift's love of cats that makes me love her so much, but whatever it is, the lady knows how to incorporate her passions into her style. Taylor Swift's cat accessories during a night out with boyfriend Calvin Harris are subtle and cute homages to her love of her furry friends. Swift's style has evolved over the years, but despite the evolution, the singer has always been one of the most classically fashionable ladies in the music industry.

Swift's date night outfit isn't the first time that the singer has rocked kitten details. In fact, she's got a long list of cat accessories— and according to Blank Space ex-lovers— that make her a pro at incorporating quirky baubles into her everyday wardrobe. She and bestie Lena Dunham made headlines when the Girls star and creator gifted Swift a cat pendant necklace for her birthday. Dunham clearly knows her friend well because since Swift has showcased her love for cat clothing in the past. The singer's cat robe is legitimately one of the most amazing travel must haves I've ever seen. Plus, there's Swift + Keds' cat sneakers that I still haven't gotten over yet.

Now, Swift has again added to the long list of kitty fashion items that I must have during her most recent outing with boyfriend Calvin Harris. The star looked gorgeous in a white crop top from Elizabeth and James and an Urban Outfitters Kimchi blue skirt. While I loved the simple, understated sexy ensemble, my eyes went directly to Taylor's shoes and bag.

Swift's perfect accessories are honestly just a reminder that she's got an insane ability to combine classic style and subtle quirk. So where did T.Swift snag that cat swag?

Charlotte Olympia Kitty 110

These perfect heels— I had to forcibly stop myself from making a pun— are pricy, but they're impeccably adorable. ($950)

Charlotte Olympia Feline Purse

You can't really put a price on style, right? That's why you should look into purchasing this adorable bag. ($765)

Images: Taylor Swift/Instagram; Charlotte Olympia