Ugh, the Most-Liked Instagram Photo of 2013 Is of Justin Bieber & a Scientology Favorite

Ugh. Ugh. UGH. I'm really sorry to tell you all this, but we now live in a world where a photo of Justin Bieber is the most-liked Instagram photo of 2013. Like, out of all the pictures of cute dogs, and cute cats, and cute animals, and these little doggie BFFs, a photo of a conceited, obnoxious little brat of a pop star is the most-liked photo on Instagram because, for some reason, he's convinced teenagers everywhere that he's hot. Is this the end of Instagram? Are too many teeny-boppers now on the social networking site for it to be considered "cool" anymore? Is this where we are as a society?

Oh, his "close friend and mentor" Will Smith is in the photo, too. But most importantly, the photo features Bieber, and it won over every single other photo on the entire website. UGH.

According to Today, the photo has amassed a total of 1,496,070 likes, out of a total of 55 million users on the site. Even worse, Bieber apparently has 12 million followers on Twitter, because apparently there are just that many people in the world interested in seeing him post one shirtless picture after another.

Here's the whole pic.

Image: JustinBieber/Instagram, Tumblr