'Once Upon A Time' Season 5 Will See Emma & Regina Switching Places, But How Far Will Their Role Swap Go?

I generally try to avoid TV spoilers, but sometimes I just can't help myself and I indulge a little and the next thing I know, my eyes are glazed over from spending hours looking at photos taken through bushes and writing 1,000-word metas on what a single overheard line means for my OTP. If you haven't guessed, this is totally what's happened with Once Upon A Time Season 5, and I'm losing my mind. As I'm sure you all know by now, I'm a dedicated and unrepentant Swan Queen 'shipper, and from the looks of the leaked set pictures and the few clues we've been given by showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz thus far, it's looking like it's going to be a pretty good season for our ladies any way you slice it. Regina and Emma have pretty much switched roles, with Emma having become the Dark One and Regina stepping up to fill the Savior's shoes, and the potential this switch gives the show — not to mention the characters themselves — is just too much to handle.

I 'ship Emma and Regina on multiple levels: as friends, co-parents, and yes, soulmates. There is simply no one else in any realm that's better for either of them than the other; no one understands and accepts the other more, flaws and all, and it's beautiful to watch. And I get that the idea that these two badass women could become even more badass if they faced the facts that they totally belong together isn't everyone's cup of tea, I don't think you have to believe in their romantic connection to be a fan of the platonic side of their relationship and to celebrate these strong women as individuals. They are, after all, the two stars of the show as it stands, and the focus on their connection will no doubt be a major focus of Season 5, so whatever your stance, you'd better get on board.

Now that the Savior and the Evil Queen are switching roles, at least for a while, here are a few things that totally need to happen that will make the swap that much better.

Regina Needs A New (Preferably Red) Leather Jacket

Regina always used to make fun of Emma's ghastly red leather jacket, but it was so worn in and comfortable and absolutely Emma's favorite. While Regina is no stranger to leather, it's usually black, so I'd love to see her branch out to some more colors, so long as they're classy. Maybe she could even wear Emma's for a while (a girl can dream!).

Emma Needs To Develop A Penchant For A Particular Fruit

Regina's Evil Queen days gave her a serious love of apples, both poisoned and otherwise. Emma needs to get her own nefarious fruit to have as a trademark, though death through cursed apple doesn't really seem the Dark One's style.

Regina Needs To Drive The Bug For A While

Sure, sure, Regina's got a car, but maybe it breaks down and Henry's all like, "Why don't you drive Mom's Bug?" and Regina visibly shudders and is all like, "Over my dead body will I drive that hunk of metal!" but then she kinda has no other choice and has to get in, even if she's not happy about it.

Emma Needs To Vow To Destroy Someone's Happiness, If It's The Last Thing She Does

Regina used to love vowing to destroy someone's happiness if it's the last thing she did, and now Emma needs to do it, as well. I'm not sure who she'll say it to, but I'm sure someone will make her mad and it'll come into play.

Regina Needs To Start Calling Henry "Kid"

Could Regina carry off calling Henry "kid"? Maybe accidentally, or maybe as a joke or a way to make Henry smile when he's missing Emma. Somehow, it's just effortless coming from the Savior, but I'd probably simultaneously cry/crack up laughing if Regina tried it.

Emma Needs To Learn How To Produce A Mean Fireball

No one produces a better purple flash of a fireball than Regina, but now that Emma's powers are heightened (and much darker), something tells me she could give the Evil Queen a run for her money. The Dark One doesn't really need fire to kill someone if she really wanted, but it's all about adding a little flair.

Emma & Regina Need To Find A Way To Get Back To Themselves

While most things on this list are wishful thinking and totally tongue-in-cheek, the most important thing is that they hang onto one another, to use one another to remember who they really are, and to keep each other going until they can get the darkness out of Emma. In particular, Regina needs to help Emma remember her humanity and what matters, while Emma needs to meet Regina halfway and fight, as much as she can, against the darkness.

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