What Taylor Swift’s "Wildest Dreams" Teaser Photo Tells Us About The Video (Hint: Someone Has Their Pilot's License) — PHOTO

Last week, Swifties round the world were bestowed with a first glimpse at Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" music video, which will premiere on Sunday, Aug. 30, at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. On Friday, Aug. 28, the reigning Queen of #SquadGoals offered fans another tasty tidbit by tweeting a black-and-white still from the video, where Swift is shown cozying up to her music video love interest, Scott Eastwood, and captioned the tweet with select lyrics from the dreamy track: "Say you'll remember me...Standing in a nice dress...Staring at the sunset, babe."

In the first teaser for the upcoming video — which Swift shared on her Instagram account — scenes of what I can only guess are of a whimsical safari were interspersed with some steamy canoodling, a thunderstorm, and perfectly applied eyeliner. Conversely, the latest teaser has more of a classical vibe. Swift and Eastwood appear to be a couple taken straight out of a Nicholas Sparks' movie and the two are posed in front of a classic biplane. And, yes, Swift is "standing in a nice dress," while Eastwood is looking decidedly "handsome as hell." Upon shrewd inspection of the photo (I have stared at it for quite some time, now), I can discern a few hints that the photo offers about the video's landscape.

Let's break it down, shall we?

1. The Video Will Take Place During A Different Era

The film noir aspect, the clothes, and the biplane are all reminiscent of the 1950s. I can only hope that a poodle skirt, root beer float, and Danny Zuko from Grease make an appearance at some point — but I wouldn't bank on it.

2. Someone Is A Pilot

Clearly Swift or Eastwood are going to be able to show off some aviation skills during the video. Being that the two are out in the wild, I hope that no snakes end up on that plane.

3. Eastwood & Swift Are (Fictional) #RelationshipGoals

Based on the picture, there's no sign of "bad blood" between these two.

4. Are They In A Long Distance Relationship?

By captioning the photo with the lyric, "Say you'll remember me," Swift may be indicating that the love story within the video is one marked by periods of the two being several miles apart — or...

5. Someone Is About To Make A Heartbreaking Exit

Ugh, I hate to say that this video may end in tragedy — but this video may end in tragedy. Or, on a less morbid note, the video will end with one bae leaving the other for some kind of covert mission. The song itself speaks to couples who are being kept apart, so it only seems natural that a heartbreaking adieu will be going down.

A picture can tell you a lot, and — judging by this post — the "Wildest Dreams" still is worth about 500 words and five GIFs. I can only hope Swift takes a page from her "Bad Blood" music video buildup, and keeps peppering our social media feeds with more teasers.

Images: Giphy (5); Taylor Swift/Instagram