Ashley Madison Hack Also Reveals Offensive New Wife Rating App

The public release of user data for a popular adultery-themed dating site has certainly disrupted many lives and marriages lately. The Ashley Madison hack has also revealed an offensive new wife rating app the company apparently had in the works, if you think things couldn't have gotten any worse. As reported by The Daily Dot with help from Jamie Woodruff, disgraced former Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman's email history shows the company had begun development for a "What's My Wife Worth" app that would have allowed male Ashley Madison users to rate each other's wives.

Although the app project apparently went into the ditch after the development process went poorly, Biderman seemed to think the "really good" idea was going to be a hit with users. Mockups of the app's screens suggest that users would be not only able to thumbs up or thumbs down a wife's looks, but also to place a number on her cash value (gross) and to view a leaderboard of popular and valuable wives.

There's no indicator that the app was to be used by couples to find threesome or cuckolding partners. Rather, it seems designed for husbands to be able to unilaterally post their wives' photos either to get their jollies on hearing other men like her (or maybe to try to convince her to wife swap later). Certainly plenty of wives are into this themselves, but an app for that purpose should allow them to log in to a shared profile too!

Although, from the hack, we now know that the vast majority of Ashley Madison's users were male, female demand for the cheating app definitely existed — especially after a disappointing Mother's Day. Perhaps if "What's My Wife Worth" had been a success, a "What's My Husband Worth" app would have been close to follow.

Image: VadimGuzhva/Fotolia, Giphy