Tina Belcher-Isms To Use In Your Life

by Keertana Sastry

Tina Belcher is an American treasure. There's no other way of putting it — the girl is just the best. For anyone who's ever watched Fox's hilarious series Bob's Burgers, there are a few undeniable facts you notice right away: the series is consistently laugh-out-loud funny, and Tina Belcher is pretty much the voice of our generation. Tina says so many things that I wish I could say out loud and her words totally represent so many young people. Anyone who follows and loves Bob's Burgers probably has a few favorite sayings, so what does your favorite Tina Belcher line say about you?

Well first of all, it says that you're awesome for having a favorite Tina-ism in the first place. Not only is Tina Belcher a feminist hero, she's also a expert wordsmith, and a strong, smart and sensual woman who knows love (and a good butt) when she sees it. Sometimes she speaks in eloquent dialogues, and sometimes all she has to do is moan and you totally get how she's feeling. She's one of the many wonderful things about the insane show that is Bob's Burgers, and she's also the character who most accurately portrays real human emotion. Tina is a complicated, wonderful human, and your favorite Tina-ism could mean a variety of things. But in the end, they're all totally understandable and totally relatable. Just take it from Tina.

"Uhh" (Or "Ugh")

What It Says About You: You don't need words to display how you really feel. You can say it all with just one moan, either in joy or, most likely, in annoyance or temporary depression.

"I'm A Smart, Strong, Sensual Woman"

What It Says About You: Your mantra to pump yourself up is the absolute truth. You know that you're the best — you just have to remind yourself every once in a while.

"My Crotch Is Itchy"

What It Says About You: You have no filter, and people love you for it.

"Oh That's Okay, I Guess I Wasn't Meant To Have A Good Life"

What It Says About You: You've accepted that bad things happen to good people and you're leaning into it.

"If You Need Me I'll Be Down Here On The Floor, Dying"

What It Says About You: Sometimes you just have to be dramatic to really show how you're feeling because a simple word just isn't enough.

"I'm No Hero, I Put My Bra On One Boob At A Time, Just Like Everyone Else"

What It Says About You: You are absolutely a hero.

"Your Ass Is Grass And I'm Gonna Mow It"

What It Says About You: You're not always confrontational or angry. But when you do get that way, you don't back down from a fight.

"If You Think About It, Any Box Could Have Vibrators In It"

What It Says About You: You are super in tune with your sexuality.

"Here's A Bunch Of Numbers. They May Look Random But They're My Phone Number"

What It Says About You: You are the smoothest person alive (or you desire to be that way because Tina has inspired you).

"Time For The Charm Bomb To Explode"

What It Says About You: You could charm the cutoffs off of a nevernude (Yes I know that's a different show, but Tina would love the Bluths!)

"If I See Any Mermaids, I'm Gonna Ask Them Where Their Merginas Are"

What It Says About You: You have a incredible curiosity and a penchant for needing answers to all of life's strangest questions.

"Which Are The Lady Parts?" "The Vagina And The Heart"

What It Says About You: You speak the truth. You understand how women's sexualities work and you're not afraid to share your knowledge.

"If You Believe You're Beautiful, You Will Be. I Did"

What It Says About You: You love yourself and Tina. Kudos friend.

"If He Has A Butt For Touching And Lips For Kissing, I'm Going For That"

What It Says About You: You're not afraid to speak your mind about how someone can get to your heart. It's a pretty simple premise and you'll shout it from a rooftop. Tina's love for butts is a truly epic, loud love. You're the same way and that's awesome.

"Don't Have A Crap Attack"

What It Says About You: People really don't need to freak out as much as they do sometimes. You understand that.

"Damn It! There Are No Leagues!"

What It Says About You: You know that love knows no bounds when you're awesome.

"Let's Save Fast And Loose For When You Shake Your Caboose, Rules Are Meant To Be Followed"

What It Says About You: The quote itself is pretty self-explanatory. But despite your love of rules, you know when to have fun.

"I Don't Need A Boy To Pay Attention To Me. I'll Pay Attention To Myself"

What It Says About You: You are a feminist icon.

Images: FOX; tinabquotes/Tumblr; Giphy