16 Tina Belcher Quotes From 'Bob's Burgers' That Prove She's The Perfect Life Coach

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If there was one place on TV that you should seek advice, it is undoubtedly in Tina Belcher quotes from Bob's Burgers . Though she may look like your typical insecure, nerdy teenager, Tina actually oozes self-confidence, compassion, and infinite wisdom. Whether she's trying to woo her crush Jimmy Pesto, Jr. or giving her all to write the best erotic "friend fiction" ever, Tina knows what she wants in life, and she goes for it.

Luckily, Tina spreads the wealth and shares at least one life-changing nugget during every episode of Bob's Burgers that is sure to improve your life. If we could all be an ounce as cool as Tina, the world would be a much better place. Here are 16 quotes to show you why Tina should be your new life coach.

Image: Fox

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