Benedict Cumberbatch's Son's Name May Have Been Revealed & It'll Thrill Alliteration Fans Everywhere — REPORT

Back in June, it was announced that Benedict Cumberbatch had his first child with wife Sophie Hunter, a baby boy whose arrival was thrilling for the couple as it was for fans of the Sherlock star. However, the baby's name has remained unknown — at least until now, it seems. The quest to find out the kid's name has been going on ever since he was born, but it was (finally!) reported this week that the newest addition to the Cumberbatch family is named Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch, according to Metro UK. Quite a mouthful, but certainly a combination that anyone who loves alliteration as much as I do will appreciate if it's true. Bustle has reached out for comment from Cumberbatch's rep about the baby name, but hasn't heard back at this time.

Figuring out why Cumberbatch and Hunter may have chosen the name isn't too hard, if you think about it. Carlton is both Cumberbatch's and his father's middle name, so if it's accurate, he's just passing it down and keeping tradition alive. Frankly, I'm a fan of traditional baby names, and in a world of Apples and Sage Moonbloods, Christopher is refreshingly traditional in a way. I can totally get behind it. According to, Christopher comes from the Greek for "Christ-bearer", by the way, and while I can't really speculate as to whether the meaning of the name had any influence on Cumberbatch and Turner's alleged decision — because honestly, how often do people choose names based on their meanings? — it's still a good, solid name.


While the triple C combination might seem a bit much at first glance, will it actually matter when it comes down to it? We don't often use our middle names, at least not in our daily lives, so it's not like it'll be all that obvious, or much of a big deal at all. Of course, it's not even confirmed that Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch is officially the baby's name, since reports like this have tended to be wrong from time to time in the past. Whatever the little boy's name is, I bet that Cumberbatch and Turner couldn't be happier parents.

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