Will Carly & Kirk Stay Together When 'Bachelor in Paradise' Is Over? This Couple Is Built To Last

Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise has reached the point where most of the cast has coupled up, and now it's leading to the finale, where they'll be forced to decide whether to stick together, or split. So, it's time to take bets on whether or not the couples, like Carly & Kirk, will stay together after Bachelor in Paradise ends. While most reality TV couples choose to split up, BiP does have at least one successful couple in Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul. And, in the Season 1 finale, Michelle Money and Cody Sattler also chose to stay together, so there will probably be at least a few successful couples out of this bunch as well.

I think Carly and Kirk could have what it takes to stick together through the finale. That doesn't mean I think they'll necessarily be together forever, either. But, there's a big difference between 20 days in Paradise and a relationship in the real world, and I think there's a lot about Carly and Kirk's relationship that makes me think that they'll take the chance on staying together in real life. Honestly, they have the perfect mix of qualities for a Bachelor in Paradise couple to attempt sticking it out.

Their Fishing Date Made Everybody Swoon

Everyone watching instantly fell in love with the idea of enjoying a simple fishing trip as much as Carly and Kirk did. Since most of the BiP dates basically boil down to either sightseeing, dinner, or an extreme activity, it was interesting to see them on an unconventional outing together.

Also, Both Of Them Enjoy Fishing

It's not super common to find two 21st century denizens who appreciate a good fishing trip. So, when two meet, I feel like they should take advantage of it.

Carly Is Super Excited On Instagram

Usually Carly reposts graphics about making mistakes, or learning and growing up. But, lately, she's been posting more positive messages, accompanied by many smiling emojis. Sounds like a lady in love, to me!

They Got Together Immediately

Hey, so did Michelle and Cody during Season 1. That could bode well for them.

They're Good Kissers

It took Kirk a while to kiss her, but once they managed to get their faces smooching distance from one another, the relationship started to heat up. So, the physical attraction is definitely there.

They're Still Flirting On Twitter

If these two split up before the season ends, then I have to give them props for being the quickest exes-to-friends ever.

Carly Mentioned Marriage And Nobody Freaked Out

Maybe word of that never reached Kirk, but I'm skeptical that a producer wouldn't immediately run over and tell him that Carly is basically planning to propose. If I've learned anything about Bachelor shows from Lifetime's behind-the-scenes drama UnReal, it's that gossip spreads faster on a reality TV set than in a middle school homeroom. Since Kirk and Carly are both talking about potentially taking this relationship to the next level, I think these crazy kids are going to make an attempt to stay together after Bachelor in Paradise.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC (2)