Will Carly & Kirk Get Married After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Their Relationship Is Moving Quickly

Every season there's a couple that looks like they'll make it work — and this year Carly and Kirk are Bachelor in Paradise's cutest couple, hands down. Sorry Tanner and Jade. I mean, consider their fishing date for a minute. During the surprise outing, which was totally normal and adorable, Carly said she could see getting married to Kirk. Her exact words were, "I feel like I came in here knowing that I wanted to find my husband, and I can't believe I found him [on] day one. I just consider myself the luckiest freaking person on this planet." Aww, right?

From the very first day in Mexico they had a connection, and once they settled in they didn't really look at anyone else. Later on their fishing date, Carly talked to Kirk about missing her brother's wedding for the show, and said it felt "worth it" since it was getting her closer to that kind of love herself. One couple already got married from last season (Marcus and Lacy), so will Carly and Kirk get married, too? My heart wants to say yes and that they live happily ever after, but my brain says no, and my theory is that Carly and Kirk's relationship is over. Let's take a step back and look at the cold, hard facts.

It's hard enough to maintain a relationship in the real world, I cannot imagine how hard it must be to try and make love work when you met on national television, and have the whole world weighing in on your love life. So, it's really no surprise that the majority of Bachelor/ette contestants break up shortly after the camera stop rolling, and they don't have Chris Harrison around to give them advice. Here's my examination of Kirk and Carly's romance post-show.

Instagram Messages

Carly's Instagram has a few quotes about mistakes, and giving love away. Sure there are a few snaps from the show, but nothing non-staged that screams "I'm so happy and in love." Kirk's isn't much help since he is so fitness focused, but even still, there's no recent Carly to be found.

Twitter Hints

Carly is effusive on Twitter, chatting about all of her girlfriends and there relationships (she is especially pro-Jade & Tanner). However, with the exception of a few side mentions about dates, she doesn't really talk about Kirk much, or how in love they are. Maybe because it's already over?

Doubts Early On

Kirk came this close to breaking up with Carly just a few weeks in. He apparently just got out of a relationship before coming on the show and had wanted to date around (which he failed at, spectacularly). If he was already uncertain in the bubble of the show, how well do you think he handled it when they left, possibly navigating long distance?

Too Much Too Fast

As I said, they were on each other from day one. A couple of the other girls on the show commented on Kirk being cute, but left him alone because duh, Carly. Maybe I'd be more optimistic if they'd dated around, just a little!

Leaving Some Drama

Sorry cute caption, I'm not buying it. This is not either one of their first Bachelor rodeos. They both know that the more drama, the more screentime, the higher their chances of making it on another show. My best guess? They are saving their epic breakup till the finale, or the "After The Rose" ceremony to really air that dirty laundry. As adorable as these two are together, I don't see them lasting past Paradise. Maybe next year!

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC