Will Vicki & Donn Get Back Together On 'Real Housewives of Orange County'? Don't Hold Your Breath

Bravo's original Housewife just became single: that's right, Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers officially announced a breakup in mid-August. Now that she's back on the market, will Vicki get back together with her ex-husband, Donn? The short answer is: no way. Vicki and Donn split years ago, and they've barely had any positive contact since, let alone any romance rekindling. No, that split seems very permanent. Unlike her relationship with Donn, Vicki has gone through a will-they-won't-they on and off relationship with Brooks, so who knows if they'll get back together in the future. With those two, anything is possible. It's often frustrating to watch, because seemingly no matter what Brooks does, Vicki is eventually willing to put up with it, even if she's initially against it, like him moving in with her.

Maybe getting back with Donn would be better for Vicki than returning to Brooks again and again, but it seems like the RHOC original cast member is no longer looking for love. Despite some gossipy reports from Radar Online, Vicki has insisted that she's not going to spend Season 11 of RHOC looking for a new boyfriend or even dating — she's taking some time on her own. I think any Vicki fan would want to support her journey into singlehood. If she's still sad about splitting up with Brooks, then she should focus on embracing the single life.

She Should Spend Time Away From The OC

Looks like Vicki has already done this step — she's just returned from a trip to Wisconsin.

She Should Reconnect With Her Daughter

Briana, Vicki's daughter, has never liked Brooks, and barely put up with him dating her mom. But now that they're on a break, she can spend some much needed time with Briana and her family.

She Should Take A Girls' Trip To Andales

Vicki's favorite place in the world could use a fun-loving visit right about now. I think Shannon and maybe even Tamra should come along.

She Should Eat Pizza

Good job, Vicki. That pizza is excellent "moving on" food, not "get back together with one of my exes right away" food. Trust me, this makes sense.

She Should Focus On Family

Even though Vicki has had some very emotional breakdowns on the show, it can't have been easy to also be dealing with Brooks' illness at the same exact time that she was mourning. But now, Vicki should take the time to process her grief and sadness without having to focus on someone else's immediate health problem.

She Should Think About Reconciling With Some Of Her Costars

I know Meghan and Vicki will never be best friends, but since Bravo must be loving their drama, both will surely be back for another season. They should spend some time in the offseason learning to get along.

And She Shouldn't Rush Right Into Dating

Vicki promises she isn't planning on rushing into anything — but I hope it's true, because the last thing I'd want to see is Vicki run back to Brooks out of convenience. The only thing I feel confident predicting is that there's no way she's going to wind up with her ex, Donn, so hopefully Vicki doesn't have too much trouble adjusting to the single life.

Images: Vivian Zink/Bravo