‘Awkward’ Season 5 Spoilers From Brett Davern & Molly Tarlov Show Drama, Fights, & A Possible Wedding Ahead

The students of Palos Hills High School are back and things are more awkward than ever. As Molly Tarlov and Brett Davern explain in an interview with Bustle, the first half of Awkward Season 5 will take place between spring break and high school graduation. The second half of the series will then jump ahead and show our favorite characters the summer after their first year in college. As for a Season 6? Tarlov hints, “It might not be the last season.” Since the cast obviously can’t tell us everything that’s going to happen, both Tarlov, who plays resident mean girl Sadie Saxton, and Davern, who plays big man on campus Jake Rosati, sent over some Awkward Season 5 spoilers in emoji form. They may be cryptic, but these clues will definitely get you ever more excited for what's next.

From the looks of it, we have a bunch of drama ahead that includes someone getting punched in the face, a dance, graduation, and maybe even a wedding. Davern does say that Jake will be going through a lot this season after his big Northwestern rejection and hooking up with Matty’s girlfriend, while Tarlov promises that even though Sadie has seemingly calmed down, she will definitely have her mean moments this season. With all of that in mind, let's take a look at their emoji choices.

Brett Davern’s Emojis:


Molly Tarlov’s Emojis:


Now let’s to to decipher what these emojis actually mean for the upcoming season of Awkward.

1. The Smirk, Winking Kiss, & Meh Faces

For whatever reason, I think these three faces go together — maybe they are all part of Jake’s struggle over Gabby. He's probably conflicted with different emotions like these, because he really likes Gabby and wants to keep hooking up with her, but feels bad about having to lie to his best friend over it.

2. Beer, Silly Face, & Heart Eyes

This part of Davern's emoji spoiler makes complete sense. Clearly, Jake Rosati gets hammered, because everyone knows that winking emoji sticking its tongue out is a drunk face. The heart eyes face, meanwhile, might mean that Jake and Gabby have another night together.

3. Another Meh Face

The straight-line-mouth probably symbolizes Matty finding out about Jake and Gabby, which Davern reveals will happen this season.

4. The Fist, Boom, & Sad Face

This one is easy. Matty must punch Jake in the face after he finds out about Gabby, leading to Jake making a sad face over their falling out.

5. Hearts & Angel Face

To me, this is a sign that Matty will eventually forgive Jake for his actions, with the angel suggesting that he’s back in Matty’s good graces. What? I have to be optimistic.

6. Smiling Devil Face

Tarlov's first emoji choice is probably just an overall representation of Sadie.

7. Diamond, Surprised Face, & Boy/Girl In Love

We’ve seen in the season preview that Tamara’s army guy proposes to her, so that’s likely the storyline these emojis are referring to. Especially because Tamara literally makes that exact face in the preview.

8. Twin Girls & Water Drops

The twin dancing girls could represent cheerleaders, since we know Sadie is a big part of the cheer team. Maybe the water has to do with this moment, when Jenna gets a bucket of water thrown on her face.

9. Snowflake & Full Moon

It’s almost summer, so maybe this has nothing to do with weather patterns, but instead is a sort of theme. In the season preview, Lissa says the theme for prom is “enchanted fantasy,” so these could represent prom, or something so surprising, there's absolutely no way to predict it — even with these clues.

10 . Dancing, Dress, & Heels

Easy, this is prom.

11. Martini, Beers, & Stressed Face

Another easy one: Prom after party, everyone gets drunk, and someone does something dumb that worries them.

12. Star & Graduation Cap

They graduate this season, so this isn’t too surprising.

13. Wedding, Party, & Heartbreak

It seems like Tamara goes through with the wedding to army guy, but the broken heart suggests that their wedded bliss won't last very long. This shouldn't be too surprising to Awkward fans, since Tamara is really not ready to be married.

14. Soccer Ball

Everyone knows Matty McKibben is the star of the Palos Hills High School soccer team, so maybe he'll get a soccer scholarship for college, or even recruited by a professional team.

15. Heart Eyes & A Happy Couple


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