What Does Kelly Osborne's Head Tattoo Mean? Her Ink Has Deep Significance

If you were watched the Video Music Awards red carpet on Sunday night, you might have noticed Kelly Osborne's fabulous head tattoo. Mainly because it is in a very unusual place: the shaved part of her head. And because the star had her left side facing the camera all night, you really couldn't miss it. The star showed off her ink with a side-swiped version of her signature dusty lavender locks. Considering Osborne has many tattoos, it's no surprise that she showed off her latest ink on the red carpet. The tattoo, which reads "Stories...," is a simple addition to the star's tattoo collection, but the meaning behind it is anything but.

Osborne has a long history of getting and removing tattoos throughout the years, and she's been vocal about the meaning behind most of them, like the bumblebee tattoo that she got after Joan River's death. The bumblebee was more than just another piece of awesome body art; it was in remembrance of her inspiration and friend. So what does the tattoo on her head mean?

Soon after she had the ink done, she remained tight-lipped about the meaning behind the art. The red carpet reporter said on an episode of Live With Kelly and Michael that it did have a significant meaning, but didn't explain exactly what that is. She also revealed that her mother was not a fan of the new piece, because her mother would prefer she look "like a little doll."

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well, Sharon Osborne can be sure that won't be happening any time soon. Because even as the star has been covering up some of her old tattoos, she hasn't been shy about getting new ones. The "Stories..." tattoo is a deeply personal one, the meaning of which the star said we would know in due time.

But that was almost a year ago, so where's our explanation, Kelly?

Without official word from Osborne herself, I can only imagine that the tattoo has something to do with the media attention the star has received over the past few decades. Her family has been the subject of so much speculation and criticism that, I think, the tattoo could be her attempt to fight back against the "stories" that are circulating out there.

Regardless of what it means, it is super fierce, and I totally love it. And the best thing about it? She can totally cover it up when she doesn't like it anymore by growing her hair out. That's the easiest (and cheapest) way to cover up an unwanted tattoo, for sure.