The 2015 VMAs Have An Indoor Red Carpet & The Unusual Choice Really Fits The Craziest Award Show Of The Year

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards are upon us, and as usual, the red carpet is the night's first big event. Except this time around, the red carpet is a "color bar" carpetand the whole set up is happening inside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. That's right — the VMAs have an indoor red carpet, and it's so weird for so many reasons. First of all, let me point out that the Microsoft Theater is the new name of the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live, which is usually the home of the VMAs when they come to L.A. The awards show has used outdoor red carpets to take over L.A. Live during past years. So what's up with this one being indoors?

If you don't know, it's sunny and hot hot hot in Los Angeles right now, so rain isn't an issue. Perhaps MTV wants to protect the celebs from the heat. Or maybe the award show just wanted to do something different. After all, a "color bar" carpet is pretty unusual, which is definitely appropriate for a show as crazy as the VMAs.

Indoor red carpets are actually quite common, but are usually used for smaller events at which journalists and photographers need to lineup to grab a quote and photos of just a couple celebrities. But for an event as huge as the VMAs, it's weird to see all this fashion and madness going on inside. With so many reporters, cameras, and celebs, you'd think they would need some breathing room.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And Twitter seems to think so, too:

Well, if the award show wanted to try something different, well, mission accomplished.