Did Samantha & Dan Know Each Other Before 'Bachelor In Paradise'? She's The Show's Most Popular Contestant

For a girl who was shown about twice on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, everyone in Bachelor in Paradise seems to know Samantha Steffen. Maybe she's just really good at networking, and made the most of Bachelor parties to get her name and face out there to her fellow contestants? I have no idea, but all of a sudden Dan Cox is into Samantha now, and I don't really know where his interest came from. First it was Joe, then Nick, then Justin, all of whom it seems were chatting with Sam prior to the show. They came to Mexico with their sights set on her, but now Dan is adding his name to the mix. So, did Dan know Samantha before Bachelor in Paradise too, or is he just into her now that he's spent some time around her?

If I had to guess, I'd say it's the latter. After all, he was with Ashley S. for most of the show, even after Samantha showed up. Then he switched to Amber. But, now that he's done with both those ladies, he's turned his attention to Sam, who he thinks deserves more than Joe. I mean, obviously, because everyone deserves better than Joe. But, still, where did Dan's sudden obsession with Sam come from? I scoured their social media accounts to try to discern where this spark of interest started.

They Do Follow Each Other On Twitter

It seems like they followed each other around the time they followed other members of the Bachelor in Paradise cast, so they maybe didn't add each other until the show was over.

They Didn't Have Any Pre-Show Twitter Interaction

This is really their only Twitter exchange, and it happened after the show starting airing.

They Seem To Be Buddies Now

I don't think they really knew each other before BiP, but maybe once the Joe-dust settled, Dan noticed her and set his sights on her. I'm not sure whether they took a relationship beyond BiP, but they seem to still be friends at the very least — and that's better than nothing!

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC