Meek Mill's MTV VMAs Instagram Will Make You Question, Yet Again — Why Is Nicki Minaj Dating This Guy?

I should start out by saying that the whole Nicki Minaj/Meek Mill pairing really isn't my favorite in Hollywood. Well — OK, that's an understatement. Nicki Minaj is one of the most badass rappers in the industry, and she deserves to have the best everything in life. Judging by this Instagram, I think it's safe to say that Meek Mill is not one of the best everything: Meek Mill's pre-MTV VMAs Instagram featured the rapper flipping off the camera with the caption, "Only came to see shawty... And to do some checking lol."

Sure, "checking" might not mean checking other girls (which, yes, I initially thought it did) — but, according to Urban Dictionary, using the word "checking" in this context could mean the following:

"Checking" simply refers to indicating one's interest in acquiring something or seeing what it is all about. On hip-hop forums, "checking" is usually expressed in "im/im not checking for it" in terms of being interested in downloading and listening for the latest album from a particular artist. If you dislike a particular artist, you can let everyone know how disinterested you are by saying "im not checking for it" to indicate that even though you can download the album for free, its not even worth your time

Now, remember: This year's show featured one of the most badass opening performances in the history of the VMAs, thanks to Mill's girlfriend Minaj. Mill should be doing a lot more than "checking it" — and he definitely shouldn't be flipping the camera off while he says that.

Not only is Mill's caption completely dissing the show that his girlfriend is a gigantic part of, but it's also taking the glory away from her big moment. This isn't about Mill, or any of his beefs in the music industry — to post about it at all without acknowledging that Minaj opening the show is a big deal is not only lame, it's disrespectful.

Minaj deserves so much better.