Why Is Nicki Minaj Dating Meek Mill? The Match Doesn't Make Sense In So Many Ways

OK, I need some real talk for a second here: why oh why is Nicki Minaj dating Meek Mill? I know it's possible he makes her happy, but seriously — while she's so amazing, it just doesn't seem like the guy brings anything to the table, and I need some answers here. Personally, when I found out the two were dating, I kept delaying looking up any information about him because I figured the relationship with Mill was just a rebound thing from Minaj's ex-boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, whom she'd been with for 11 years. But, Minaj and Mill just keep getting more and more serious, to the point where I feel like this Mill-Minaj wedding we keep speculating about might actually happen.

So, if I hadn't done everything I possibly could have (aka, writing one post about it), I never would've been able to forgive myself — so, here goes. I need some answers here.

Is there anything redeeming about Meek Mill? He frequently embarrasses himself in rap beefs — and that's all there really is to know about the guy. Personally, I assumed I didn't know more because of an ignorance of the industry on my part — but, the more I talk to people who know and care more about music than I do, the more I'm finding out that an ignorance of Meek Mill is pretty universal. (I mean, as I started to write this post, before diving into the world of research, I asked two people, "What can you tell me about Meek Mill?" and their answers were "absolutely nothing" and "very little, just that he has been owned by Drake.") So in my extraordinarily small sample size, the list of Things We Know About Meek Mill consists of one, nothing, two, he picks fights but sucks at beefing, and three, he's dating Nicki Minaj. ONE OF THOSE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER.

And I don't get it! Minaj is essentially queen of her industry right now: She's smart, successful, talented, universally respected, funny, understands her fans, and can work with whoever she wants. So, what does she see in this guy who is best known for picking fights he can't hang in them, and whose last album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, sold only 325,000 units even with Minaj's influence helping out his name recognition? It just seems so obvious to me that he's riding her coattails. He does well for himself on The Pinkprint in "Buy A Heart," but, based on how Mill couldn't hold his own in a feud that he himself started with Drake — who happens to be Minaj's close friend and collaborator! — it just doesn't add up.

Minaj is just so much better than this dude. But, she's proven herself to be such a smart lady that I'm holding out hope there's something more to Mill we don't know about, or that she comes to her senses — she has to, right?

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