Even Kanye Danced To The Weeknd At The VMAs

Look, I'm going to need everyone to stop when they're doing because Kanye danced at the VMAs to The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face," and the world will never be the same again. Like, I feel like the internet owes The Weeknd an apology. What was without a doubt a flawless performance, one that got the likes of Taylor Swift's squad, Willow Smith, and hundreds of other famous humans rocking their socks off in the audience, was immediately and permanently overshadowed by Kanye West shaking his groove thang.

And it wasn't just that Kanye was dancing. He was dancing fearlessly, and entirely alone. If you ever feel self-conscious dancing in public again, I just want you to remember this, fellow humans of earth: If Kanye West can do it, so can you. We should all aspire to follow our bliss like this. And I'd like to personally thank the Kardashians for it, because let's be real, without them I doubt that this wouldn't have been possible. That, or Kanye had an actual personality transplant with Taylor Swift, and we're all about to get the shock of our lives Taylor starts rapping up a storm later tonight.

In case you missed it, here is some of the dancing, preserved in all of its beautiful glory:

#GETIT, Kanye. Just look at him owning it. Here are a few of the other celebs who dropped it like it was hot:

Taylor And Her Squad

Taylor, doing what appears to be the infamous "Driving The Car" as Karlie Kloss and Selena Gomez break it down next to her.

Willow Smith And Rita Ora

All Of Us, Everywhere, All Over The World

If you weren't dancing to this then you are full of lies. #Bless The Weeknd, for curing Kanye of his reluctance to dance. In fact, #bless us all.

Images: Getty Images; MTV; Giphy