Samantha & Joe's Texts On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Show She Planned Way More Than She Admits

WHOA, although we all knew that Joe and Samantha weren't going to last on Bachelor in Paradise , I didn't see it ending like this. On Sunday, Sam gave a rose to Dan, sending Joe home and shocking no one in the world that these two aren't OTP. Joe defended himself during his departure — in a slightly childish way, by bringing up the alleged texts that Sam sent to him. Earlier in the season, Samantha denied the text messages on her behalf, but just like reality TV predecessors, Joe used his text messages to prove that he and Samantha did have a plan for him to do whatever it took to stay in Paradise.

It was the ultimate "did she" or "didn't she" so far this season. Samantha denied to Joe that she would send text messages that told him to do whatever he needed to do, but I think we all knew the truth. Sam takes offense that Joe would suggest she would plot like that. Sam, we all saw that awkward "plotting chat" behind the bunk beds when you told Joe to lie to everyone. WE KNOW YOU WERE PLOTTING.

Joe — broken and beaten down — took his phone out in the car ride home and showed the faithful viewers the texts we've all been waiting to see.

Let's look a little closer at what those texts say.

Joe: What am i supposed to do till mid June? I hope I'm still there.

Joe: Not hilarious but very embarrassing.

Samantha: OK since you asked here's samantha's 2 goals to live by this month.

Samantha: 1. do what you need to do to stay i don't care what.

Samantha: 2. don't get 100% completely wifed up yet.

Joe: Are you being 100% serious?

Interesting, right? These texts prove that Sam was plotting before going to Paradise. While she couldn't have known that her plotting and Joe's plotting — because it takes two to tango — would be at Juelia's expense, it's still really shady and sneaky.

What's even more frustrating is that she is continuously lying about it. She doesn't really need to keep up with the charade anymore now that everyone knows about it (she's been labeled the "puppet master") — so just fess up, Sam! I think people would walk away from this situation with more respect for both of them if they were just honest about everything.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC