Please Enjoy These Memes Of Justin Bieber's Hair

If an awkward thing happens during an awards show and a human isn't there to tweet it, does it make a sound? The best memes of the VMAs are as close to an answer as we're going to get, and it seems to a resounding NO. Thank god the internet is here to put all of our favorite celebs on blast, because now the show doesn't have to be over when the curtain goes down on the VMAs tonight. Now the show goes on (and and on and on) in beautiful internet infamy, because people who know how to photoshop exist and we should all be eternally grateful that they have decided to grace social media platforms with these gifts.

If you've been watching live, then you already know about the awkward things that have gone down tonight — between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj duking it out onstage, Justin crying post-performance, and Miley's very aggressive obsession with weed (DO YOU LIKE POT, MILEY?! DO YOU?!?!), it's already been a wild ride. But now you get to relive all of the magic. Prepare yourselves, fellow humans of the internet. THE MEMES ARE COMING. Here are some of the best so far:

Some Miley And Nicki Feud Realness

Justin Bieber's Comeback Straight Into Disneyland

Demi As An Ice Cream Cone

Justin Bieber's New Hair Inspo

Not To Be Overshadowed by ...

Kanye West, 2020

With His New Running Mate ...

Welcome To The New America

More to come ...