Kanye West For President Memes That Will Get You Ready For West/Swift 2020 — PHOTOS

Once again, Kanye West made a total splash at the MTV Video Music Awards. After an epic Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech, Kanye West announced that he will run for president in 2020. Of course, the Internet is all about West's future candidacy and has created tons of Kanye for president memes, because Photoshop never sleeps. Plus, the vision of West, wife Kim Kardashian, and daughter North in the White House one day is an image that is too good not to make into reality — in meme form, for now.

West's long speech, which received rude boos in the middle, included an apology to Taylor Swift for the 2009 VMAs debacle, a discussion of TV ratings, and a mention of how he smoked before the show. And then, he made his final declaration: He is running for president in 2020. That's not the next election, but the one after it. By that time, whoever the U.S. elects in 2016 will be up for re-election and North's little brother will have been born. And hey, maybe SWISH will even have finally been released and enjoyed by his loyal legions of fans.

See? The possibilities are endless for a 2020 run. For now, here are some West 4 Prez memes that the Internet has dreamed up.

This Is Our Future

Just call him Yeezy-in-Chief.

West/Swift 2020?

It could happen.

E!'s Newest Kardashian Spinoff

It'll be an instant hit for sure.

Khloe's Supporting Him

Kylie's Got Yeezy's Back, Too

West Vs. Trump

It could happen if Trump gets elected in 2016. Oh boy.

Potential Campaign Slogan

That's right, bruh.

On Being Ahead Of The Curve

The New West Wing

Coming To The Disney Channel

I think we can all agree — West in the White House needs to happen. And perhaps be televised.