Kim Kardashian As FLOTUS Could Be A Real Possibility If Kanye Runs For President & Twitter Couldn't Be Happier

Well, it's official: at the 2015 MTV VMAs, Kanye West out-Kanyed himself. During his long, spontaneous, and highly entertaining Video Vanguard acceptance speech, West announced that he's running for president, during the next race in 2020. Whether he'll actually follow through with his promise is not known, but if he does, he'll certainly have some support; fans are freaking out over the notion of West as president, and, perhaps even more, Kim Kardashian as FLOTUS. Because seriously, that's an idea.

Just picture it: Kim Kardashian West in the White House, picking out curtain patterns and touring the country's elementary schools. Clearly, she's up for the fashion challenge of it all — there's no question that if Kardashian was First Lady, she'd be up there with Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy as a presidential fashion icon for the ages. As for the other roles requires of the position, the star's ability to take them on is a little less certain; it's no secret that she's a bit more familiar with reality TV than international relations. But I'm sure that with a bit of training, Kardashian would learn the ins and outs of FLOTUS-dom in no time, and take on the role with ease.

There are so many possibilities here: Kardashian promoting healthy eating in the school systems, or taking care of the environment, or helping her husband get legislation passed. She's already proven that she cares about the world, most recently through a series of outraged tweets she posted discussing the accessibility of guns and ammunition. And then there's that selfie with Hillary Clinton — woman's got connections.

Being First Lady would just allow her to state her opinions on an even greater platform than she already has — and with West as President, you know she'd have no problem getting heard. But what do the people think? Well, judging by the countless tweets sent out after West's presidential announcement, people are loving the idea of a Kardashian-West White House — emphasis on the first part.

And then there's the one guy who got right to the heart of it all:

It's got my vote.