A Love Letter Written On A 20-Euro Note Just Surfaced, And Irish Musician Christy Leech's Story Is A Beautiful Yet Tragic Missed Connection

When Denise O'Reilly found a €20 note with a message to "Christy" from "Megan" in her purse, she took to Facebook to reconnect what appeared to be a pair of long-lost lovers. She posted a photo of the note — which read, "Christy, it's always been you! Come and find me. -Megan" — and to this day, it has received over 3,000 likes and 16,000 shares. Thanks to all these shares, the message made it back to Irish musician Christy Leech, the note's intended recipient. Leech commented on the photo:

Hey, just a quick update. I've been in touch with Megan and it's all good. Thanks so much for posting.

What a happy ending, right?! If only the story ended there. Apparently, "it's all good" didn't mean it's all good. Leech told TodayFM that while he was able to reach Megan after seeing her love note in O'Reilly's post, it was too late by the time they connected:

We broke up, she met someone new. After I saw the 20-euro note on a Facebook post, I called her. She told me she had written it on a note she used to pay into one of my gigs about six months ago. I didn't know she was there. She told me she thought I'd get the cash directly but I obviously didn't. She took it that I didn't want to talk. So, now we're in touch again but the situation is quite different.

In case your heart isn't already broken, Leech also revealed that his ex's message was a reference to a song he wrote for her called "It’s Always Been You." It's also worth noting that Megan is not her actual name, but rather a nickname that arose from his initial mishearing of her name. This story has crushed any lingering faith I may have had in the concept of destiny.

But maybe we should be looking at it more optimistically: Megan is now with someone who is an even better match for her, or else the long-lost note would have put a dagger in that relationship. And even better, we've now all learned a valuable lesson: While it may seem hopelessly romantic to win back the one who got away with a sentimental object placed in a strategic location where they'll supposedly find it, the chances that they won't find it are too high to forgo a simple phone call or text. Reaching out in a more common way may constitute a less grand gesture, but it could also make the difference between a blissful reunion and a missed connection.

Images: Denise O'Reilly/Facebook