'Teen Wolf' Season 5B Spoilers Tease A "Clash Of Titans," Returning Familiar Faces, & More

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when it comes to TV shows on hiatus, it can also drive you crazy. The midseason break only just started a week ago and already I'm scouring the internet for any Teen Wolf Season 5B spoilers that I can get my hands on before it returns in January. The summer finale left fans with so many questions including how Theo was able to resurrect the dead chimeras, what Parrish will do when he finds out he's a Hellhound, if Sheriff Stilinski will live (he'd better), what the deal is with the La Bete, and finally if anyone realizes that Lydia is still missing. Now do you see why I've been so desperate for clues?

We already know a few small things thanks to interviews with Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis after the airing of the midseason finale. It's enough to really appreciate what's coming next, but not enough to know exactly what's coming next. One notable thing that Davis stated in an interviews with Entertainment Weekly is that Season 5B will be all about resurrection, though things will be back to dark times for Scott and his pack. Here's what else we can learn about the second half of Teen Wolf Season 5.

1. "Clash Of Titans"

Davis keeps referring to Season 5B as a "Clash of Titans," and he's dropped major hints that Parrish will be the beast on fire in the Dread Doctors painting. So a few questions arise thanks to this knowledge: Is La Bete the other monster in the painting? Did the Dread Doctors create a new la bete? Here's what Davis had to say about Parrish to The Hollywood Reporter.

It's a big epic season we're building, which is the threat that's dreamed up by Parrish when he sees hundreds upon hundreds of bodies. And what he's seeing is the path of destruction and death that happens because of this sort of clash of titans.

Davis has also stated that we find out more about Parrish's past and that "he's not necessarily a good guy, but he's not a bad guy either." He's got a function to perform, so maybe that could get in the way of Scott and his pack's mission. Parrish could be both a help and a hindrance in stopping what's to come and he probably doesn't get much say in the matter once his Hellhound side comes out.

2. Relationship Tensions

When the series returns for Season 5B, things won't be in great condition when it comes to the relationships, both romantic and otherwise, on the show. In his Entertainment Weekly interview, Davis said that Scott and Stiles wouldn't make up so quickly and that there will be tension between both Scott and Kira (who isn't returning immediately) as well as Stiles and Malia. The tension between that last pair might last longer than Stalia fans would like, as apparently Malia will form a tense alliance with Theo for Desert Wolf-related issues. And let's not forget that the now resurrected Hayden and Liam are definitely going to face troubles since Hayden is in Theo's pack.

3. The New Pack In Town

Theo's pack is officially resurrected and monster-ized, so what does that mean for Scott's? According to Davis' EW interview, the chimeras have all been touched with darkness thanks to the Dread Doctors messing with them. Liam and Mason will have to help them find their humanity once again, which might be especially tense for Liam since he's dating one of the chimeras.

4. Return Of Some Favorite Characters

We already know that Braeden is back in town thanks to the Season 5A midseason finale, but who else is coming back? We know Chris Argent is slated to return in Season 5B thanks to Davis' interview with TVLine, when the showrunner said he told JR Bourne he has to keep the Chris Argent mourning beard. (And thank goodness for that, because it's a great look). But what about Derek? Davis told EW that his future on the show is still uncertain.

5. Lydia's Eichen House Escape

Davis explained to The Hollywood Reporter that Lydia was in fact driven insane by what Theo did to her in the Season 5A finale. She will be at Eichen House when the series returns (which means that maybe we'll be coming back to the present from the flashback of 5A soon), and that Lydia will have an expected ally there. He also stated that our resident banshee would learn how to fight and "find her voice" while in Eichen. Could her ally help with that? Could it be Dr. Valack? We know that Valack returns as well in Season 5B, thanks to the EW interview, and he may not be the evil guy we remember.

6. Graduation

Jeff Davis made it very clear to THR that Scott, Lydia, Stiles, and their fellow high school seniors would not be graduating in Season 5B. "One of the things we don't really do on Teen Wolf is those teenage tropes, like graduation or prom," Davis said. "We'll see if we ever get to graduation, but they won't have graduated by the end of 5B, partially because our timeline is also so condensed." So we may never find out what Stiles real name is... Unless Davis saves graduation for the series finale.

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