13 People Who Could Not Be More Pumped About Blue Bell Being Back On Texas Shelves

On Monday, Blue Bell started distributing its ice cream to select stores in Texas and Alabama, after a five-month halt in production due of listeria concerns. If you didn't know this before, Texans love some Blue Bell. Apparently, they love it so much that a lot of them have seriously lost their shit on Twitter now that the ice cream is coming back to some Texas stores.

The first distribution phase will include Brenham, Houston, and Austin. Blue Bell, a Texas-based company, said that it will reenter the market in parts of 15 states through a five-phase process. Right now, the company is only producing ice cream at its Sylacauga, Alabama facility. The company recalled about eight million gallons of ice cream and ice cream products after they were linked to 10 listeria cases in four states — which included three deaths in Kansas. Listeria bacteria can cause serious illness in older adults and pregnant women with weakened immune systems.

But thank goodness, all of that bacteria business has blown over. And Texans are freaking out now that they finally have their state's ice cream back. Some stores are putting a limit on how many gallons shoppers can buy, since the supply is still coming in pretty slowly. That's not stopping everyone, though. Here are 13 Texans who are insanely psyched about Blue Bell being back on shelves.

WFAA8, a Dallas-Fort Worth ABC affiliate, sent three of its employees on a #RockyRoadTrip to Willis, Texas to buy as many half gallons of Blue Bell as possible:

Some really committed to getting their Blue Bell early.

Only ice cream could put the words "beautiful" and "Monday" next to each other in a sentence.

The Texas GOP can't contain its excitement.

It's a seriously historic day — a day for early ice cream at work.

Image: Randy OHC/Flickr; just_jouette/Instagram