Tamara Is Still Engaged On 'Awkward' & We're Already Looking Forward To That Glitter-Filled Wedding

The Awkward Season 5A premiere brought fans up to date with the class of 2015, right as they stumbled back from an eventful spring break. Some unfortunate folks came back from their time in the sun with a bit more than just a sunburn. For example, Jake came back with a big secret to hide from Matty, Jenna found a new marine "boyfriend," and best of all, Tamara is still engaged on Awkward.

Tamara has always been a bag of colorful, over-abbreviated energy in the Awkward universe. Well, fear not, because that won't be changing in Season 5A. Tamara is living up to her reputation, and it looks like it's only going to get better. We left off last season with our little firecracker becoming affianced to her military beau that she met on spring break, because America! When we began this season, we were treated to a conversation between her and Jenna where Tamara was casually mulling over ways to "BTE" or "break the engagement." She wisely decided that BTE-ing over the phone was downright cruel and that she should pay homage to such a timeless love story with a face-to-face rejection. Who sees this going well? Show of hands?

Apparently, just seeing her soldier was enough to make Tamara put a deposit down on a venue and start choosing between chicken or fish, because instead of BTE-ing, those two crazy kids set a wedding date! Now, it's unclear whether this latest development will actually stick since we are talking about two teenagers who met approximately 3.5 minutes ago on spring break, but the possibility is too delicious to ignore.

With any luck (fingers crossed, guys!) we will see a Tamara wedding in our future and I think it's time to speculate wildly about what kind of crazy things she would require for her special day.

There Would Be Glitter

So much glitter. You wouldn't get out of that place with at least 13 different colors attached to you in various ways and in various locations. For the next week, you would be finding glitter in places where glitter just shouldn't ever be.

The Save The Dates Will Be Totes Abbreviated

Expect to need a Tamara-to-English dictionary to decipher exactly when, where, and what the event actually is.

Her Rage Will Reach New Heights

Tamara isn't exactly the most calm and calculated person. She is prone to rages and panic attacks as it is, and adding seating charts and adult decisions into the mix won't exactly make her docile. Not that I'm complaining — Tamara keeping her engagement just has me more excited for the rest of Awkward Season 5.

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