How To Stream 'Faking It' & Keep Up With Season 2B No Matter What Your Cable Situation May Be

Now that the VMAs are over and we're all recovering from all those jaw-dropping moments, it's time to get excited about all of the scripted series that MTV has to offer. Faking It returns on Monday for the back half of Season 2, which ended last November. Can you stream MTV's Faking It? Season 2B will have 10 episodes, and thankfully there are many ways to catch them. I mean, just look at those scowls in that picture. You're not gonna want to miss this drama.

I think MTV's official synopsis going into Season 2 sums up the series pretty well when it describes Faking It as a show that "began as a romantic comedy about two best friends who love each other in slightly different ways." What could have easily become a problematic sitcom about two girls who pretend to be in a lesbian relationship has become one of the more nuanced shows about teen relationships on television. You can actually catch up with the whole series pretty easily. There are only 18 episodes so far, isn't that crazy? It feels like Faking It has been on for much longer, that's how popular this show has become. Looking forward to more Faking It, but don't have access to the traditional means of tuning in to the show? Here are some ways to stay caught up on everything that's going on between Amy, Karma, and all the rest.

MTV's Website

The easiest way to watch new episodes it to take it directly to the source. You can stream full episodes on MTV's official site with commercials. There is also an MTV OnDemand app.


You're in luck! Episodes are available to stream 21 days after they air on Hulu, but the service keeps all the episodes up at the same time — so that's a decent binge. If you haven't seen the show and want to go in fresh, this is the best way to start from the beginning particularly if you're used to Hulu's formatting or have the app on your device. With so few episodes, you really have no excuse.

OnDemand Or Online TV

Streaming isn't just for laptops and tablets. If you do have a television set and access to MTV but don't like to be tied down by primetime schedules, definitely check your OnDemand listings. On the contrary, most cable providers also have a streaming app or site that (with your password information) allow you access to OnDemand and live streaming.

Season Pass

You can also buy episodes on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and VUDU. It's a lot cheaper than upgrading your cable, I'll tell you that.

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