When Does 'Faking It' Return for Season 2B? We Can't Wait Much Longer To See Karma & Amy Make Up

I've got good news, fellow Faking It fans: we'll be seeing more of Hester High sooner than you may have thought. MTV has ordered an extended Season 2 of Faking It (called "2B"), which means an additional 10 episodes of the teen drama are headed your way next year. The network hasn't yet announced when exactly Faking It will return for Season 2B, but at least we know we won't have to wait a whole nine months like usual for next season. And that's a very good thing, because I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out waiting for Karma and Amy to make up.

The two besties at the center of Faking It have had plenty of tiffs in the past, but they've always been able to forgive each other and patch things up within the episode's 22-minute time frame. Then again, Amy has never messed up this badly before. Now Karma knows both her best friend and her first love betrayed her through their drunken, misguided hookup, and she and Amy's relationship may never be the same. All of Season 2 has been about the consequences of keeping secrets. Amy and Liam have been lying to Karma for weeks, on top of their original transgression. So should Karma forgive them? Here's the promo for next week's midseason finale.


It looks like Karma has a big decision to make. In the previous episode, she told the two most important people in her life that she "hated them both," which doesn't bode well for Karmy or Karma-Liam shippers (do they have a couple portmanteau? Kliam?). What Amy and Liam did was awful. Especially Amy, because she betrayed Karma's trust on a whole other level (remember, Liam and Karma weren't together when he slept with her best friend). Doesn't Amy know the first rule of female friendships is ovaries before brovaries? These two have been friends since kindergarten — as they like to remind everyone all the time. What she did was not cool.

But, I still think Karma needs to forgive. Faking It revolves around Karma and Amy's friendship, and if this fight lasts for too long, we'll lose the central element of the show. It's important that this portrayal of a strong female friendship doesn't devolve into a catty mess.

But beyond all the politically correct or structural reasons why Karma and Amy need to stay best friends, there is this: Karma should forgive, because Amy's screwup shouldn't define her, and it shouldn't define their entire relationship either. Amy was in an awful place when she slept with Liam. She was confused and hurt, so she lashed out. But that's not who our favorite character really is. She had a moment of weakness, and the guilt's been eating her alive ever since. If Karma took a moment to stand in her friend's shoes, she'd realize that Amy's a good friend who deserves a second chance.

As for getting back together with Liam, that question is a little tougher. He did have sex with her best friend, but Karma had also just admitted to him that she had lied about who she was the entire time he knew her. Also, they weren't dating when he slept with Amy, so it wasn't really cheating. I'm not sure if Karma and Liam can ever be a couple again. There's a lot of love there, on both sides, but also a lot of hurt feelings. Maybe they should spend 2B as just friends.

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