Is Justin Bieber Dating Xenia Deli Dating? His "What Do You Mean" Co-Star Responds To The Rumors

Justin Bieber has made quite the comeback. Sure, he acted like a little punk for a while there, but people can change and when Bieber performed his latest single "What Do You Mean" at the VMAs on Sunday night, he really got people talking — in a positive way. Following the awards show, the singer released a video for the single and showed everyone that he is all grown up. The sexy clip got fans and viewers clamoring for more information on Bieber's "What Do You Mean" co-star, Xenia Deli. There are already rumors of the two dating, but according to the model-turned-video star herself, she and the 21-year-old are just friends. During a phone interview, Deli tells Bustle of whether they're just friends:

We are — with Justin, just friends, nothing in between us. And I got so much hate from his fans. But I want to talk [sic] to everyone that nothing is between us, you don’t have to hate me, guys. I was just doing my job.

As for Bieber, he also maintains that he doesn't have anything romantic going on in his life right now. In a recent interview with Z100, he said that his new puppy is the only girl in his life: "Yes. I am in love... Her name is Esther — she's my little puppy! She's adorable. She's a silky terrier. She makes me smile."

So, what besides the video got these dating rumors started? Well, the two were spotted together on Aug. 21 at a bar in Los Angeles. They were seen sitting very close to each other while Bieber played "Let It Be" on a piano, and according to fan reports, Deli rested her head on his shoulder and they even held hands at one point. You know even rumors of that are enough to throw Beliebers into a frenzy! Bieber also allegedly posted a photo of the their feet touching while sitting at the piano together and then swiftly deleted it. Hmmm...

If I had to guess, I'd say that maybe Bieber has a bit of a crush on Deli. On Aug. 28, the singer appeared on On Air with Ryan Seacrest and shared the video for "What Do You Mean" with the hosts. It was not long before they asked him about his co-star, and when shown a photo of Deli, Bieber's face visibly lit up. He said, "She is so beautiful, but she's also such a sweetheart. Like, she's easy to be around and stuff. Do you see how I can't put this [photo of her] down right now? ... This is inspiration right here."

Deli and Bieber's chemistry in the video is undeniable, but to all the fans out there, it is probably best to take Deli's word for it that they're just friends. That said, eventually he will be ready to start a relationship with someone, and he and his new lady should be free to do that without judgement.

Additional reporting by Jaclyn Anglis.