14 Cute Throwback Pics Of Ramona & Avery Singer

by Marenah Dobin

If you watch Real Housewives of New York City, you know that Ramona and Avery Singer are the ultimate mother/daughter duo. They are the best of friends, really complete each other, and spend so much time together — or at least they did before Avery went off to college. And lucky for fans, the pair shares a lot of their cutest moments via throwback photos on social media.

These two make a a great pair because they seem to have opposite personalities. Ramona is an unpredictable spitfire who loves to tell it like it is. Whereas Avery, who hasn't been on the show as much recently, just comes off very level-headed, polite, and wise beyond her years. Avery seems so responsible that it can be hard to tell which one is the mom and which one is the daughter — a statement that I say with no shade intended.

And it seems like their relationship has been solid from the start. It's pretty clear from their throwback photos that these two have always had a strong bond. Plus, they have both always been stylish, so the old pics are all total gems to look back on.

1. Bow Hard Or Go Home

Little Avery looks too cute with her big bow and Ramona looks exactly the same as she does now. She really hasn't aged at all!

2. Dressed To Impress

Once again, Ramona looks great as usual while Avery looks lovely in her little white dress. The RHONY star even coordinated her look with her daughter's using a matching white purse.

3. Twinning

I have never seen so much Burberry in my life, but these two definitely pull off the matching swim ensembles.

4. Makeup Touchups

Avery looks cute in costume while her mom gives her a makeup touch up in yet another precious throwback photo.

5. Hatters Gonna Hat

This big hat is a big departure from the lady-like style we come to expect from Avery Singer, but baby Avery is rocking the look well. Her hat even matches Ramona's sweater and I'm not at all surprised by that.

6. First Family Pic

It looks like infant Avery is gazing back at her mother in the middle of this family portrait. Even back then, the two were inseparable.

7. Matching Haircuts

I could do a "Who wore it best?" poll for this one. Both Avery and Ramona had blonde hair with straight across bangs at one point. It's hard to pick a favorite here though.

8. So Many Fashion Trends At Once

Avery is doing the most in this photo. She looks cute with a hat, sunglasses, printed pants, and a denim jacket all in one outfit. It makes me wonder if Ramona or Avery picked out this ensemble.

9. Baby Avery

Avery was only three months old when this photo was taken!

10. Singer Sandwich

Ramona, Avery, and Ramona's ex-husband/Avery's dad, Mario Singer, all look so happy in this family pile up. How adorable!

11. Mother Daughter Look-Alikes

Ramona and Avery look so much alike in this photo.

12. Family Portrait

Avery pulls off another big bow in this photo while Ramona looks like a classic beauty with her pearls. These two always have the most appropriate outfits for every occasion.

13. Mother Daughter Dance Party

Ramona and Avery are killing it with their dance moves. I only wish this was a video so we could truly relive the throwback moment.

14. Easter Sunday

The mother/daughter pair look great in their holiday attire. Once again they are so in sync with their perfectly coordinated outfits.

Ramona and Avery have been killing it as a dynamic duo from the very beginning and these photos show just that. And if you want to see more throwbacks, check out their Instagram pages. They post all the time.