Opal Is The Hot New Hair Trend To Know About

by Lindsey Rose Black

You guys, the #Colombre hair trend and granny chic on fleek platinum silver just had a lovechild. Grab your bleach and manic panic, because opal is the hottest new hair trend, according to Popsugar. Whimsical and fairy pixie-like, this may be my absolute favorite dyed hair trend yet.

Noticeably different than the crazy intense colombre trend, opal hair, also known as pearl hair, is softer. But soft doesn't mean any less colorful! To get that magical opal sheen requires several different colors at once, and clearly no one is shying away from taking the plunge.

Additionally, if you fell in love with 20 gray hair looks but are ready for something new, opal hair is the perfect pick-me-up. To achieve the soft metallic and pastel finish, hair already has to be colored to the point just before it reaches silver. So really, you're ahead of the game! Once your hair has faded just a bit from silver and starts to yellow, it's the perfect time to add in a slew of metallic pastel shades and turn yourself into a opal-haired mermaid-esque sea goddess.

For inspiration, check out all of the variations on this trendy look below. Given how beautiful and relatively lower maintenance it is than most color dye jobs, I'm willing to bet this trend will stick around for awhile.

1. Lavender Kisses

This subtle lavender hue is heavenly.

2. Touch Of Teal

Loving the mermaid vibes.

3. Mixed Metallic Bliss

I would definitely be smiling like her if my hair looked that good.

4. Rose-Hued

Pink is king in this subtle rose opal.

5. Pastel Bubblegum

Like taking candy from a baaaaaaaby.

6. Pops Of Color

I love how the different opal hues pop throughout her style!

7. Pink Shimmer

The metallic purples and pinks here are just so #stunner

8. Deeper Opal

The colors here are a little richer, but the look definitely still qualifies as opal.

9. Opal Top Knot

I love how this pic shows the crazy fun dye process, and how on-point is that multicolored top knot?!

10. Silver Opal

Metallic to the max.

11. Mermaid Goddess

Her soft waves and ombre opal scream mermaid.

12. Mother Of Pearl

Brunette or blonde — this hair trend has no bias.

13. Opal Whisper

This has just the slightest kiss of opal tones. Beautiful!

14. Ripples Of Opal

I love how much the white blonde peaks through this opal 'do.

15. Soft & Sweet

It's so subtle, you almost can't tell all the different shades in her hair. Amazing!

Image Credit: Faylyne/Flickr